McCook Farm, Ranch & Hemp Expo

Survival of our small rural businesses is critical to this nation. This country cannot survive on inefficient, money-losing, subsidized, giant corporations.

We are committed to Rural America for that reason, and have some great friends in the southwestern Nebraska area that put on some really productive trade shows.

Darren and Tana Dale, along with President Chance Koetter would like to announce the official dates of the McCook Farm, Ranch & Hemp Expo that occurs each November in Nebraska.

2022 Dates : Friday, November 18th – Saturday, November 19th, 2022

… and don’t forget the Free Producers Breakfast, Saturday from 7:30-9:00 am

Hale Multimedia will be managing our stage this year, as well as live streaming portions of the expo throughout the two days. They will also be available to any businesses that need help or have questions about getting a new website, a redesign, some marketing help to bring in more customers, or to increase your bottom line. They are committed to Rural America and are long-time Marketing Partners with Star Expos, supporting everything they are doing to help the American Farmers and Ranchers.

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