Scanner becoming talk of the town

If you are a listener to the Scotts Bluff County Scanner Live Feed, you know that we have worked hard at eliminating the background noise so that you can have the best listening experience possible.

Thanks to a very supportive business community, the Scanner has been blessed with donations and sponsorships that make it possible for our volunteer admins to dedicate themselves full time to a service that has paid them nothing for 14 years. The donations and sponsorship money are used to help upgrade equipment, clean up the signal, support the local businesses that support the scanner, and occasionally send flowers and condolences to those hurting in the community from a tragic loss.

I almost titled this article ‘Scanner making noise in the community’ but we don’t like noise, so I changed it up a bit. The reason that I say this though, is for several reasons.

Not only are there thousands of Scotts Bluff County Residents that view our posts and interact at an incredible rate, but it seems to be the subject of some talk around town. I am hoping the main reason for that is the fact that my family and I were in the valley last week talking with folks in the community about the idea of turning the Scotts Bluff County Scanner page into a full-fledged news service that could compete with the ‘main stream’ outlets.

The response was tremendous, as expected, so we moved forward with our plan by securing sponsorship from several leading businesses in Scottsbluff and Gering.

R&C Welding and Fabrication is our primary sponsor over all news and weather categories. They also sponsor our Fire and Rescue alerts.

Alarm Security Technicians is our Police and Crime division sponsor. We are also working closely with AST and Nebraska Panhandle Weather and Road Conditions to setup a network of weather cams in places and towns where there aren’t cameras already.

As mentioned, we have teamed up with the above group of 27,000+ members as our Weather Sponsor. Welcome and thank you to David Park Jr and ‘NE Panhandle Road Conditions’.

Our community is filled with heroes. When it comes to sticking up for, protecting, and finding lost animals, very few people are more passionate for helping animals. We are proud to have Joe Hessler at Auto Plaza as our Missing Persons and Property division sponsor on Scotts Bluff County Scanner. Stop by and check out his inventory of cars and trucks to choose from. Just tell him what you are looking for and he’ll go to work!

Several others have expressed interest and we will keep the opportunity open of others to benefit from the almost unbelievable reach the scanner has on facebook. In the last 90 days, our video posts average 19,700 views, with plain text posts averaging 9,800! We have very few posts under the 5,000 threshold, primarily because we have become known for only post the most important things in the community that fit into our 5 Divisions; Police and Crime, Fire and Rescue, Extreme Weather, Missing People and Property, and Community Safety Alerts. We will only occasionally post something outside these categories, but not often. We also try our very best to have a tie back to the county in some way or another on all our posts.

Some of you have heard the buzz about our new 24/7 Live 365 online Radio Station accessible from anywhere, anytime at DIGGING DEEPER RADIO is dedicated to Scotts Bluff County and everything that’s important to the people of the valley. It’s a fully licensed music station too, and our slogan is THE WILDEST VARIETY OF MUSIC ON THE PLANET! You will also be able to catch our most impactful podcasts, motivational moments, historical accounts, trivia, contests and so much more in the works! LISTEN NOW!

Now, back to the point that we are making noise in the community. I will say first, that MOST of the local media have always been great to work with. They should love us because our shares (of their post) sometimes gets MORE reactions on the scanner page than they do on their ORIGINAL post! HAHA

So… we got an email from a local ‘main stream media’ that advised us that we were violating their copyrighted material by sharing it and plugging our supporters.

We don’t need to rely on other people’s news, we make our own at Scotts Bluff County Scanner.

We have citizen reporters everywhere and the licensed live scanner feed that broadcasts to every app, plus we’ve teamed up with David Park Jr for Weather Alerts! This empire has been in the works for some time when this same ‘main stream’ outlet sent me a similar email to that which I just received, telling me I couldn’t have sponsors on our page with their content showing.

I am a journalist with 30+ years in multiple media. A journalist IS NOT someone who gathers the Press Releases only to regurgitate them. A journalist is an honest, unbiased investigator with common sense, respect and tact that refuses to be swayed by an agenda. Now, at times I become an OPINION writer, and that is different than journalism. Unfortunately, this generation hasn’t figured that out yet.

Don’t believe every headline, do the research yourself, find the original source and don’t back down from the truth. That is our philosophy. Wish us luck because now the dogs are out and tracking us!

If you would like to join our team of Citizen Reporters, please reach out to me, Brian Hale at 940-224-6315.

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