What will you hear on Digging Deeper Radio?

Here is a partial list of what you might hear;

  • The Wildest Variety of Music on the Planet
  • Motivational Moments from Tony Robbins
  • Daily Encouragement from Andi & Brian Hale
  • Bluff Talk – weekly talk show with local citizens
  • Bluffs-related Digging Deeper Podcast Episodes
  • Breaking News from Scotts Bluff County Scanner
  • Weather from NE Panhandle Weather Alerts & Road Conditions
  • Community Announcements throughout the County

The Wildest Variety of Music on the Planet

Our Station Playlist is incredibly large and diverse with 21 different genres represented. You literally do not know what is going to pop up next on Digging Deeper Radio. We are always looking to purchase more music (cd’s) from anyone wanting to trim down their collection. Listeners on Digging Deeper Radio are fascinated at the variety and often say, ‘I never heard that song before’. We not only play the wildest variety, but also give you the full experience of each artist and album by playing ALL the songs, not just the hits, with bonus historical background information about the artists and songs we play.

For instance, here is an artist we met at a Farm and Ranch Expo – Cas Haley.

There’s quite a story behind Cas’s claim to fame. Cas’s claim to fame comes through the TV show America’s Got Talent where Simon Cowell told Cas that he sang a Sting song better than Sting himself! Despite that, the family is very humble and multi-talented. It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know them. We loved Cas’s story, music and family so much that we asked to buy his CD’s and put them on our radio station to give Cas some extra airplays. They handed us a copy of every CD they had for sale and said thank you!

For those that enjoy the big name artists from the past and present, Digging Deeper Radio is happy to oblige.

How about some Aerosmith from our Classic Rock genre, or some Newsboys in the Christian Music world? Did you know that the Newsboys once played in Scottsbluff in the gym of a place once referred to as NWC, before it became known as WNCC? Name the year in the comments below and win a prize from Digging Deeper Radio.

Remember, I said WILDEST VARIETY… For those like my wife and I who have been around for a few decades, we can appreciate the really old music… like… Tennessee Ernie Ford! Let’s rock out to some Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford!

Or maybe Alternative Rock is your genre of choice. There’s plenty of it on Digging Deeper Radio!

One of our largest genres on file is Classic Rock. Sit back and enjoy your magic carpet ride!

And then again, some psychedelic rock could be your cup of tea. If so, you’ll love what we play on Digging Deeper Radio!

Motivation and Inspiration

Tony Robbins is one of the most successful motivational speakers on the planet. That’s why we like him and share his solid advice with you on Digging Deeper Radio. Tony has several books and programs that any of us could benefit from. Let us know if you want to recommendations or find Tony Robbins anywhere books and personal growth programs are sold.

Bluff Talk… it’s all about the Bluffs, a Saturday night live call-in radio show hosted by Brian Hale of Scotts Bluff County Scanner by Hale Multimedia. Local callers are invited to call in to discuss any topic, while out-of-the-area callers may call in, if the subject matter is pertaining to Bluffs.

And yet, there is still much more than what is listed above, so tune in to http://www.diggingdeeperradio.com anytime, anywhere!

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