Do Endorsements Matter? We Hope So.


By Lisa-Betz Marquez

Thinking of the Gering mayoral race between Kent Ewing and Eldon Hubbard…

As publisher/editor of the Gering Citizen, I had many professional interactions and business dealings with each of these men. If I could vote, I would not hesitate to vote for Kent Ewing.

When comparing the examples of character each man displayed as professionals in their field during my interactions with them, there is but one choice, and that choice is Kent Ewing.

Not only did Kent Ewing nearly win the mayoral seat when he ran the first time as a write-in candidate two weeks before election, he demonstrated great commitment and care for Gering’s needs when, for years, a grocery store was needed and the business of acquiring one at the current Fresh Foods location was stalled at the city.

Kent Ewing remodeled his gas station and created a small grocery area inside so that Gering residents didn’t have to drive to another town to get basic groceries.

I have witnessed his caring heart, his business sense, and his commitment to the well-being of Gering. There is a lot of upcoming business to consider for Gering, and Kent Ewing’s experience as a successful businessman will serve Gering leadership well.

I hope the residents of Gering will see what I see in him, and vote Kent Ewing to the mayor’s seat.

“Nebraska Country Roads” photo by Sharon Henderson

Editors Note : As a former employee with Lisa’s company, The Gering Citizen, I feel she equipped me to make the editorial decisions that are made every day on The Scotts Bluff County Scanner and Scanner News. She was a great mentor that taught me what ‘newsworthy’ really means. This election is newsworthy, if there ever was one.

Hale Multimedia has endorsed ALL Winners in the past, and we will continue our streak by backing this endorsement and doubling down on it. Gering deserves Kent Ewing and he has earned this opportunity. Let him prove it by voting Kent Ewing for Gering Mayor.

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