The Chosen : An Opinion

By Joe Nicholson

A brief description of The Chosen – IMHO:

  • It is NOT Scripture and should not be expected to “speak only where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent”.
  • It IS “historical fiction” that is BASED on the TRUE story presented in the four Gospels.
  • Its entire PURPOSE is to present a story that holds TRUE to the main events we KNOW from Scripture, (let’s give that 10%), while developing a more encompassing story with content that “fills in” the gaps of what we DO NOT KNOW from Scripture with PLAUSIBLE scenarios and character depictions that “might have been”, yet have not, (so far), presented any discrepancy to what we KNOW from Scripture, (let’s give that 90%).
  • It DOES NOT pretend or claim to be a word-for-word, play-by-play, 100% accurate depiction of the Gospel story “as-is” from Scripture, but rather create historically and scripturally PLAUSIBLE “what if” depictions of what “might have been” concerning that which Scripture DOES NOT tell us in ADDITION, (in fact, mostly in addition), to what Scripture DOES tell us.
  • As with almost EVERY film adaptation of written stories both fact and fiction, there are certain to be omissions of particular events that are considered less important to the overall story. On this, I remain a cautious observer that understands even a series of films spanning six seasons cannot possibly cover every event written in all four Gospels, and, even as the Gospels are themselves, certain timelines and events may not align exactly with ALL FOUR of the Gospels, but may at times favor one account over another.
  • It DOES hope to inspire interest and further study of the ACTUAL Gospel story found in The Holy Bible, and it HAS succeeded in that effort for millions upon millions of people worldwide!

My Plea: Please consider The Chosen for WHAT IT IS and try to refrain from criticizing it for what it IS NOT! If you have doubts about the thoughts, intentions, and purpose behind its production, I encourage you to watch, listen and read the many, many interviews, podcasts, and articles from the producers of the show to see how they have painstakingly explained in very direct, express terms what the SHOW is and is NOT.

Please also keep in mind that the ACTORS and their personal beliefs, practices, and things they may sponsor or endorse DO NOT necessarily reflect the basis of the script for the SHOW. The particular beliefs of the actors, production crew, suppliers, and supporters MAY OR MAY NOT align with the FINAL DRAFT of the Script that ends up being used for the film.

As for me, until I see something in the series that presents a stark, blatant, and meaningful discrepancy to a critical event or character depiction that is KNOWN to be in DIRECT contrast to SPECIFIC Scripture, I will be in support of the film! As it is now, with season two completed and the first couple of episodes of season three about to be released, The Chosen has become and remains my very favorite film production of all time and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone and everyone more than I have ever recommended any SHOW! That said, I hope and pray it also leads anyone watching the SHOW to read and study the ACTUAL Gospel story found in the New Testament of The Holy Bible! God bless you!!!

Editors Note : Joe is a business owner from the State of Washington and describes himself as a defender of All Lives who is not ashamed of the gospel. We became friends in 2021 when Joe joined our Patriot Group after the fraudulent activities that started off the year in Washington D.C.

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