Silence is Consent

By Lisa Armstead

If you are paying any attention to the world, you know there is a massive battle between good and evil.

If you have followed me for anytime, you know I speak what I know needs spoken. Three years ago I posted about a child sex trafficking ring, where the abusers are part of a panda club. Once they are in they receive one black eye, just like the panda. Now I know many thought I was a conspiracy theorist, but a truth teller is often called a conspiracy theorist.

Today we have this, it’s the elite that purchase these items. So if you think this is just innocent marketing and not for a much larger and evil reason, you might fall into a group labeled “head in the sand”.

Research how many of Hollywood and our elected have been seen with one black eye, don’t just trust their reasoning as to how it happened.

One thought I beg you to consider and remember. Those drag shows you have been hearing about, where several groups of grade school kids were taken to, the drag parades that parents are taking their kids to. It’s not conspiracy, it’s grooming.

Notice the group fighting this evil. Gays against groomers. When we speak up about this, people say your homophobic. Now ask why am extremely large group of gays are fighting this evil. It’s not homophobic to speak out, however, it’s evil to ignore it.

Ask yourself if you have seen enough, if the world resembles anything you once recall.

It’s time people, speak up. Silence is consent! These are babies and little children that evil is taking over, while many act like nothing is going on.

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