Horseman’s Corner : Meet Mesa Radue

By Nelseena Lehmann / Horseman’s Corner

I went to high school with her mom. I have watched her grow up and have her successes and I even got to make her a rope can. I haven’t been a personal friend, but I have watched her for a long time.

The impressive part of Mesa is her work ethic and dedication in a such a young lady. She has had great successes and many wins, but those haven’t been handed out like participation trophies. Rodeo and horse events are still very much like toothpaste. You are not going to get more out than you put into it and probably a little less.

Mesa and her successes came to mind on the heels of the Rocker Steiner at the NFR. Yes he is crazy talented but he has a skewed vision of what is appropriate, acceptable and has forgotten that there are younger littles looking up to him and he is not leaving a very good impression for them to follow. I am hoping it is merely a folly of youth.

It’s not an economic issue, it’s not a passion issue, it’s not really much other than a values issue. Mesa and her family have great values, and work ethic and are just good human beings. Which has let her successes shine through.

Mesa is young, she has a lot of lessons and growing ahead of her, but with her foundation and support system, I trust we will hear and see alot of her in years to come.

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