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We are actively building the team; Apply if interested

Hale Multimedia has been in the website and broadcasting business for over 25 years, but a full-blown media company with Local News, Live Radio, Streaming TV, Podcasts and more is a slightly newer venture. Let’s see if you can follow the timeline combobulated below.

Our decision to start a conservative media company was a direct result of the blatant censorship of common sense in America by the media, government, big corporations and big tech. With the current situation brewing and content like the world was spitting up, we felt WE HAD to start a Conservative Streaming Media alternative, so we did.

Digging Deeper Media has been in development since March 15, 2020 with our inaugural Podcast, ‘The Beginning of The End’, Episode #001. It was really rough! We did not know it would eventually turn out to be the first of over 700 podcasts just 2+ years later!

Episode #002, ‘Manufactured Murder’ was about the George Floyd fiasco that ignited the nation into chaos and division in late May.

Digging Deeper Podcast Episode #003, ‘What Really Happened on 9/11?’ was the week that we decided to go full time with this and do regular Podcasts at least weekly.

The development of the full streaming portal began September 11, 2021, and was modeled after the successful programming project, ‘Virtual Farm Expo’ that we miraculously pulled off in three weeks for Darren and Tana Dale of Star Expos Enterprises, Inc. We ‘streamed’ a virtual trade show for them with K-State University during the lockdown in April 2020.

Once that decision was made to take our media business to the next level, we needed to take an inventory of assets and abilities and figure out where to go next.

We knew we needed to establish a fan base, so several social media channels were setup in advance to begin building a following.

Infrastructure Setup – check.

Boots on the Ground – check.

Experienced Management – check.

Prospective Sponsors – check.

Ad Rates Established – check.

Today, Digging Deeper Media includes multiple streaming methods with various advertising options.

A favorite of ours is Digging Deeper LIVE TV. With our ‘Commander’, we can easily schedule video content to play live. All viewers tuning in will all see the same thing live in progress, just like real TV. We also built an On-Demand portal. http://www.diggingdeeper.us

On K:DIG-TV, http://www.diggingdeepertv.com our channels are represented by #hashtags like #music, #faith, #news, etc. A very popular selection of documentaries and music videos keeps ’em coming back!

We got so excited about creating the streaming TV, that we then progressed into purchasing our own ROKU channel! Digging Deeper TV will be available on TV sets in 50 million American households. The channel will go LIVE by January 1st, 2023.

A growing favorite is our Live Streaming Radio Station, playing ‘the wildest variety of music and talk on the planet’. If you like variety, K:DIG Radio is for you. Everything from our own podcast episodes, to inspiration, to the wildest mix of music. You never know what you’re going to get. We hear alot of people saying, “I never heard that song before.”

The transformation from reporting national news to our Focus on local news and local businesses in Scotts Bluff County has come full circle.

Even though our family expanded our offices into Texas, our roots are in Scotts Bluff County, so you will hear and see alot about local people on the air either FROM the area or those who have ties here. We feel we are more dedicated to this area then some people who actually live here.

More resources

Scanner Website – everything together in a mobile format. Visit our website at http://www.scottsbluffcountyscanner.com

Scanner News and More – local news, weather, sports, opinion and more.

Scanner Facebook – view Scanner Alerts http://www.facebook.com/sbcoscanner

Scanner Feed – listen to live scanner traffic http://www.scottsbluffcountyscanner.com/listen.php

Digging Deeper Radio http://www.diggingdeeperradio.com

Digging Deeper Podcasts http://www.diggingdeeper.us

Digging Deeper TV http://www.diggingdeepertv.com

Digging deeper media is about just that. We do not believe in reprinting a carefully prepared press release from the authorities. That is not news. News happens. We report it as it happens.

Real people, real news, in real time.

Advertisers are lining up and getting results already. Local Businesses needing alot of exposure for little money should contact us as soon as possible.

Contact Brian Hale 308-635-7271 or 940-224-6315

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