Harvest USA Report : Danielle Siqueira

Getting Started on the Harvest in Brazil

Listen to a report on the Harvest USA Report from Danielle Siqueira, analyst from AgRural in Brazil on how the harvest is just getting started.

The harvest in Brazil was just beginning to get going last week. Danielle Siqueira, a market analyst with AG Rural in Brazil, talks about the minimal harvest results. She says the slow start varies, but it’s primarily because of excessive moisture. But they can’t seem to get that consistent sunshine.

Well, we have here for Brazil 1.8% of our area had been harvested. It’s a little below last year. Last year it was 4.7% and the five year average was 2.8. So we are a little late, but it’s nothing very worrisome so far. We’re beginning to have problems this year because it has been dry and it has been hot. It’s not as serious as in Argentina, not at all. And it’s not as serious as the situation we had last year when we had a big crop failure here in southeast Brazil. So it’s not that bad. But yes, we already have some losses.

AgRural recently cut its soybean crop estimate by 700,000 metric tons to 152.9 million. The consulting firm lowered its corn crop estimate by 400,000 metric tons to 123.9 metric tons. Despite the cuts, both crops would still be all time record yields. 

Danielle Siqueira, Market Analyst for AgRural on The Harvest USA Report

Thanks again for listening and may God bless. I’m Brian Hale.

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