SCANNER RECAP Feb 24, 2023

LISTEN for yourself…

MVA South Beltline and Broadway, a couple warrants in Gering, 21st Ave shut down for truck that slid off the road, someone smoking from a pipe driving all over the road at a high rate of speed, a combative individual outside the log cabin that fell and had a head laceration, physical disturbance at Redz Bar in Mitchell, malfunctioning railroad crossing at Highway 92 and Minatare, and a stolen vehicle resulting in a high speed chase and successful arrest detailed below.

** Overnight : high speed chase with the silverado near minatare approaching 92 off of L79e link. They just dumped a baggie out of the driver door. Speeds at 93mph. No traffic. Roads dry… Westbound hwy 92. Speed 95… 1 occupant. 10th st in gering northbound… and this chase continued until the suspended female from Iowa ran out of luck at the Keno Parlor and was placed into custody **

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