SCANNER RECAP Feb 26, 2023

LISTEN for yourself…

Our officers and first responders face a little of everything out there…

We had several animal complaints, multiple medical calls, burglar alarms, and a vehicle towed after the driver busted for driving under suspension so long they couldn’t find a date of suspension in Colorado.

Also, the Sherriff’s Department had the K9 at the Gering McDonalds parking lot searching some cars. We also had a possible disturbance in the Walmart parking lot. One parent wants to know if the other parent whose name is not on the birth certificate is allowed to see the child.

Meanwhile, members of the Torrington Fire Department Water Rescue Team participated in ice rescue training Sunday in Minatare, NE. The training was hosted by the Minatare Fire Department and water rescue teams from Minatare, Bayard, Wheatland, and Torrington participated.

Another 40+ new Insiders added to our group of citizen reporters.

Today’s photo comes from the multi-talented Storm Chaser Jonathan Anderson of Jony’s Photos who was out late capturing beautiful aurora pictures. Thank you for your service to the community and for the amazing photo contribution.

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