SCANNER RECAP Feb 28, 2023

Loud pop heard by several ear witnesses…

We may have a blown transformer around 15th Street and 3rd or 4th Ave, as loud pops have been reported.

** Confirmed reports of power outages in Scottsbluff. How is it where you are?

Update : Expected Restoration time of 1:55am for those 94 people affected. See photo.

Loud pop heard by several ear witnesses in the area.

Alarms also go off in southeast Scottsbluff, likely caused by the winds.

Scottsbluff police en route with the department of health and human services to bluffs middle school….reason unknown.

Our question of the day: Is the former Scottsbluff girls basketball coach still teaching after he resigned from coaching?

Also, multiple traffic stops, USPS reports dog chasing her, transferring male to MCR for cardiac issues, compromised power line on N St in Gering, intoxicated male causing problems, and something suspicious at KFC. They’re supposed to be closed, but there are people inside, and a vehicle is parked in the drive-through.

There is a sympathy card for the Sloan family to sign downtown at J&S Blooming Co if anyone is interested. It will be delivered to them on Thursday.

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