SCANNER RECAP March 5, 2023

Lockdown at EWC – All Clear given under 30 minutes.

Shoplifting at Walmart, 2 individuals dressed in black. Fled on foot, last seen headed towards Sonic.

A 911 call came from WNCC. Dispatch called back to the number and everything was 10-4.

Male individual walked into the Watering Hole and told clerk they needed police to go over to East Overland laundromat. Did not say why and left on foot.

Follow up to laundromat incident. Intoxicated male fell being transported to hospital. Valley requesting security to meet them in ambulance bay, intoxicated male very agitated.

Pioneer Park, a white vehicle goes every night. A woman gets out, goes to the middle of the park, picks something up, and goes back to the car. Sometimes she swings if no one else is around.

Lockdown at EWC residence hall, officers on scene… No credible threat after officers and school officials acted quickly. All Clear was given in less than 30 minutes.

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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