SCANNER RECAP March 24, 2023

$10,000 Cash Found, World Class Light Show, State Patrol Post Shatters Scanner Records, 3 Dogs Arrested and More every day on Scanner News.

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and single eyewitness accounts are often unreliable until corroborated.

Heads up : Saturday evening, there will be 2 Boeing CH-47 Chinooks coming in, so if you hear loud helicopters, that’s what they are.

$10,000 Cash?

Our original post was more of a question than a statement, as stated. Like many of you, we were highly interested in that $10,000 cash in $100 bills that was mentioned several times over scanner traffic. There’s no mistake that the police found that cash and other things, including a bag of drugs, we believe. However, our question was whether or not the motor vehicle accident pictured here had anything to do with that same traffic that came across as they were tending to this scene.

At this point, we do NOT have any reason to believe these two incidents were related. More than anything, we were looking forward to someone to clear thing up for us in the comments and perhaps lend a clue as to how ‘my cash – as everyone wants to claim’ ended up in that scene.

Remember, all subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Scanner Traffic is not actual news until verified.

From The Nebraska State Patrol : Good News Travels Fast

Everyone knows bad news travels fast, but in Nebraska, evidently good news has the inside track!

Back on Tuesday night, we heard some scanner traffic that indicated an interesting traffic stop taking place.

We wrote, “Officers need to have a wide variety of skills. Many times they end up being counselors, dog catchers, you name it…. However, this might be a first.

The State Patrol pulled over a car near Maverick, got consent to search, and took the person to jail while another officer delivered two door dash orders that the arrested person was on their way to deliver!

Could you imagine ordering door dash and having the cops show up with it? Some people would be freaking out. Would you complain to him/her that the food was late and cold? Maybe the officer hustled to get it there! Do you tip them? Either way, it’s interesting that they took the time to finish the task at hand. Maybe the person who received this order could give us some insight.”

Then, the State Patrol posted this;

“A couple nights ago, Trooper Dusatko and Trooper Sporer performed a traffic stop in Scottsbluff and discovered that the driver had a revoked license. They also discovered that the driver was in the process of delivering a couple meals to folks in Gering.

So while Trooper Sporer handled the processing of the driver, Trooper Dusatko finished the two deliveries. All in a day’s service to the people of Nebraska.” #PatrolTheGoodLife

Thank you Trooper Dusatko, and thank you for sharing the story, Nebraska State Patrol.

You can view our original coverage on this incident on our SCANNER RECAP for March 21, 2023 by following this link…

BREAKING : This scanner Follow-Up story broke an ALL-TIME SBCOCANNER facebook page record getting the most views on any single post in the first 24 hours, and that was BEFORE the highly appreciated share from the NSP themselves. Thanks again for following what we are putting out there. It’s nice to know that the Good News triumphs.

Do you listen to the scanner feed?

If you do, you have probably noticed that calls from multiple officers from multiple agencies all come across one signal. Unless you have a scanner that displays what agency is actively speaking, you will have a hard time keeping track of who’s who. You could learn the different codes for the agencies and the officers numbers and all the 10 codes, and now that some of the radios are encrypted, you have to be a mind reader, but who’s got time for all that – unless you’re a scanner enthusiast for one reason of another.

Some may wonder, ‘Who listens to the scanner?’ In our research, we have learned that current and former Law Enforcement, Spouses of officers, First Responders, Emergency Managers, News Agencies, Parents, Employers, Schools, Weather Spotters, Public Servants and Volunteers are just some of the groups of people who listen to the scanner feed. Evidently, it’s not just for basement dwellers with nothing better to do than to ‘get clicks’ on their ‘so called news’.

Most scanner listeners are people who understand how to respect a scene and follow protocol during tense situations. The notion that ‘the scanner’ is made up of a bunch of ‘looky lous’ or whatever you want to call them, is almost an insult to the people who know better. Even our followers on social media understand how to respect each other, even with differing opinions. They too understand they cannot go running to the scene to get in the way.

If WE (The SBCO SCANNER NEWS TEAM) run to a scene, it’s to HELP or to REPORT, and we would never get in the way and would be the first to help the people on scene. We have qualified first responders and nurses, policemen and women, former dispatchers, and others. Back in High School in ’84, my best friend and I joined the Army together to go serve. (Happy Birthday today, Ben Garcia) I ended up personally treating people and doing triage in an actual war, so I too understand this first hand. I was the administrator in charge of securing the scene and calling in the medivac choppers. Call me RADAR if you like. It’s a good comparison to what I did in the Army Medical Corps.

If anyone ever interferes in an active scene, or violates our rules of conduct on our page, people know they will face consequences from us and law enforcement. Enough said on that junk. Back the news!

3 Dogs Arrested

3 Dogs 10-15, headed to Panhandle Humane Society. – Uh, Oh. Somebody got arrested! If you are missing 3 dogs, head on down to the station please. (PHS) Let us know in the comments with any updates on this, please.

World Class Light Show!

Much of the United States is currently witnessing the The Aurora Borealis, better known as The Northern Lights. The breathtaking demonstration of God’s majestic paintbrush was in full display again for the residents of the northern half of the United States to see.

Currently, a severe strong geomagnetic storm is taking place hitting the U.S. The NOAA Space Weather has issued a G4 out of a G5 which is the highest level. Everyone north of the green line could see the auroras on the horizon. Show us your photos!

#northernlights SHOWTIME

NASA photo of The Northern Lights.

People are all aware of the Airlink helicopter coming and going, but we wonder how many know how often planes bring in patients and fly out patients. We just heard Valley bringing in a patient and med crew. Organ retrieval teams also come in frequently. We are fortunate to have access to that service.

More on this service to come! Plus, check out our Hometown Hero spotlight featuring our new fixed wing pilot, Caleb Ekberg.

Caller has location of her stolen dog.

Check license suspension.

Shoplifting at Dollar General on East Overland.

A theft case earlier as well.

Key theft and damage to vehicle.

Welfare Check Avenue E.

In our late night hours, we had a disturbance at Cobblestone Inn, three males. One male was injured with Valley taking him to the hospital with cuts and bruises, and they said a split open head. Also possibly took at least of the injured males to jail after the hospital.

PUBLIC SCANNER MEETING Monday, April 3, 2023

Anyone interested in learning more or joining the team is invited to an informational and organizational meeting on April 3rd in Scottsbluff.

The Conference Room is Reserved for us at The Hampton Inn Monday night 7-9 pm.  It’s a room for 100 and will fill up fast!

We will open with a prayer, then a video presentation, and introductions after that. Several of you will be invited to sit on a panel to answer questions pertaining to your area of expertise and experience. We will be contacting you with details if chosen.

Monday April 3rd 7-9pm

Registration for the event is free and will be available on our website or by sending an email to

Seating is limited to 100 total, so register quickly once it opens!

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Listen anytime

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