Homelessness in the Panhandle

SBCO Scanner Discussion thread

There’s a man that sleeps beside the administration building. So I assume the man is homeless. It is sad that we as a community have no place for the homeless. He has been trespassed from so many establishments in both towns, there is no place for him to even go. – Karen R

It’s very sad and when my brother and I tried to open one and serve meals the city shut us down they didn’t want a “sore” in the community – LeAnn T

Sad part is we offer NO places for homeless people to go – Jeni M

Most states and municipalities these days criminalize homelessness instead of trying to do something about it that may require monetary outlay. They rather deny it exists and try and push them out on another jurisdiction.

Thinks it’s bad now, just wait till we default on our federal debt and all the social security Medicare Medicaid food stamps and housing and veterans benefits stop. We will have an explosion of over millions of homeless elderly veterans and disabled. – Robert C

Unfortunately every time someone try’s to offer help the city shuts them down. – Koby J

That’s the really sad part. There is a problem here but most people who can do something about it choose to ignore it. The rent is so high in this area it’s tough to get ahead that’s for sure. – Katie H

It really has nothing to do with rent. It is the cities not allowing them. I have a building in Gering where we were going to do food pantry / soup kitchen and a shelter, but the city turned us down. – LeAnn T

What was the reason they said no? – Katie H

It would be an eye sore in the community – LeAnn T

Wow and they think homeless people all over beautifies the community! How messed up! – Katie H

We also have a mental health crisis in this country contributing to widespread homelessness. – Robert C

What happens if you don’t listen to them and still help the homeless? They can’t stop everyone. – Koby J

I am not really sure what would happen, but there might be liability if there would be criminal activity, etc. at an unlicensed facility. – LeAnn T

Where are people supposed to go when it’s below 0? It’s sad they have to get I trouble just to stay warm. – Katie H

It’s horrible. And even Goodwill won’t donate them clothes. – Koby J

Goodwill is a SCAM. They take one hundred percent donated items and mark them up to retail prices. There have been several Executives over the years in the news. In 2011, one Executive was sentenced to 70 months in prison for embezzling $1 million.

Each Goodwill is its own non-profit with its own CEO, however, several Goodwill CEOs make an average salary of around $500,000 per year – Brian H

Serve and support your local ministries who are doing their best to help the homeless.

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