SCANNER RECAP May 20, 2023

Shots Fired or Fireworks Shot? More Disturbances, Man Assaulted, 3 Mustangs Racing, Child Found, Accidents, Arrests and more every day on Scotts Bluff County Scanner.

Suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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Over Scanner Traffic . . .

Timestamps are approximately when our team remembered hearing it.

All traffic is fluid and subject to correction at any time.

A new scanner is being ordered to improve our signal to the public. Thank you to Siegfried Consulting LLC for their generous donation.

Traffic should not be considered news until further information is confirmed.

Scanner Traffic = the words that they say over their radios with dispatch and each other.

All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

9:27 am – 3 mustangs racing on 26 by Ave I. Two black n one grey

9:28 am – they are 5th n 27th southbound driving the speed limit

9:49 am – Minatare en route to funeral in Morrill

50 cars driving on the highway? They all stopped at Maverick?

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There are maybe 10 cars there. They said NSP was notified also. I think there is a car show at Sonic today.

10:02 am – Mitchell en route to Morrill for funeral

10:05 am – Lyman en route to funeral

10:13 am – nsp found 10-40

10:13 am – Ave H rp wants rv removed from in front of her home

10:15 am – “Car 5 is back in the line if anyone dares to drive it.”

10:26 am – gering fire dispatch to L street gering 4 year old having seizure.

10:30 am – animal complaint 9th Ave big white dog acting aggressive

11:57 am – Bethel Baptist Church, kids throwing rock, refusing to stop

12:00 pm – FINAL DISPATCH for Lt. David Reid of Morrill. R.I.P.

12:18 pm – parking lot 10-44, white Chevy Impala vs another car

1:30 pm – Airlink on standby for Rollover by Chadron

4:02 pm – approx 2 year old female found at Carpenter Center.

4:10 pm – parent of child located, everything 10-4

4:47 pm – Assault

5:39 pm – possible injured male by Middle School.

5:40 pm – male on Broadway not injured. Everything 10-4

6:10 pm – Two females yelling at store clerks at Short Stop.

7:08 pm – white jeep spinning cookies at Trails West Camp. Then got out with fishing poles.

7:15 pm – 911 hangup by children alone at home. Mom at work, dad in prison. Everything 10-4

7:31 pm – cancel stop n hold gas drive off from morrill the driver has been located

8:24 pm – Disturbance at 23 Club, not sure if it’s physical, lots of people screaming. Trying to get more. Looks like it’s going to get physical, male n female no weapons

8:26 pm – two units 10-97

8:29 pm – everything 10-4

8:48 pm – Fire Alarm activation at Sky View Drive Inn Rural has been paged.

8:51 pm – cancel response, manager called no fire. Popcorn machine triggered the alarm

9:22 pm – Rp states she seen a male in her yard that was yelling that he had been shot. Male took off walking

9:53 pm – Minatare 2nd Ave Fire, controlled burn starting up in Minatare.

9:55 pm – shop lifting at Walmart male n female. Leaving in grey sedan

10:06 pm – gun shots reportedly heard around 7th n East Overland. Sounded like may have been fireworks. I live close to there. Another caller, diff location? How close are these?

10:14 pm – FD on scene 2nd Ave Minatare

10:14 pm – 2 more people heard same noise 700 block East Overland, thought they were fireworks but looked up and didn’t see any. Two more 10-12’s tell police they heard the noise around 700 block of East Overland, didn’t see any fireworks. I also was outside and heard the 2 gunshots. Police just confirmed Fireworks visually.

10:22 pm – they’re going off between 11th n 12th the cop says. He staying in the area awhile.

10:23 pm – the car from the shoplifting is in its driveway

10:52 pm – female at ring down saying she lost her license

11:10 pm – We got 10-40 (drugs found)

12:08 am – Road Rage Disturbance, too much to type on mobil. I’ll type it when I get back to the station.

12:20 am – Disturbance reported on Laucomer Drive. Reportedly 4 on 1, throwing oblects.

An eye-witness contacted us with the same report on scene. Man on ground getting stomped.

12:21 am – officer on his way

Delayed by train. Thought one was already there. Asking for Sheriffs Deputy to help. Medical has been paged, advise when secure.

12:30 am – Stop and hold, has firearm. Scene secure for Medical

12:35 am – West Overland disturbance. Officer back on location, “there’s a bunch of people running from the area.”

12:43 am – Deputies have vehicle stopped on Avenue B.

12:45 am – Male detained on Ave B

12:46 am – ems enroute to ER with one male patient from earlier Assault. Partial trauma team activation.

12:56 am – enroute to hospital with victim lost consciousness due to reportedly being stomped on. This was the call from the 4 on 1 disturbance. Should be some charges coming from this one. Please pray for the victim.

1:09 am – More units requested W Overland, 10-18? Yeah, probably. Their 10-15 just fled out the back door. Nice work, citizens! 10-12 in a nearby house. Ok we got him 10-15. Rp called in and advised cops where he fled to.

1:30 am – 10-15 male en route to county

2:20 am – rp called saying her 15 year old son went to a dance in Gering and hasn’t made it home yet. He should have been home an hour ago.

2:21 am – officers have juvenile on board talking to mom now about picking him up.

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Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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