Civil Disobedience Results in Multiple Arrests

NSP Arrests Six at Capitol

When an officer of the law repeatedly gives you a command you should comply, especially if you are a guest in a government facility.

According to the Nebraska State Patrol, it all started at approximately 2:40 p.m. in a Nebraska Legislative Session on Friday with multiple observers in the opponent balcony yelling. The real trouble started when two individuals threw objects over the balcony onto the legislative floor.

NSP took control of the situation and the following individuals were arrested for their civil disobedience;

  • Lucia Salinas, 24, of Omaha – obstructing a government operation and disturbing the peace
  • Maghie Miller-Jenkins, 36, of Lincoln – obstructing a government operation and disturbing the peace
  • Mar Lee, 25, of Lincoln – disturbing the peace and trespassing
  • Danna Seevers, 56, of Seward – disobeying a lawful order
  • Benjamin Buras, 40, of Lincoln – resisting arrest and trespassing
  • Sara Crawford, 33, of Lincoln – obstructing a peace officer

All six were lodged in Lancaster County Jail.

We will need to investigate further to see what happened to the lady that threw the punch at the Trooper. That would be a little higher charge than disturbing the peace. Stay Tuned!

Read the full article here…

View the short video here…

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