#133 – Ethical Decisions

There can be no doubt that the Covid19 (fake) pandemic (in our opinion) has rocked the world. No country has been left unaffected by this virus. As more and more information comes out regarding Fauci and his emails, lies and truths start becoming clearer.

We have been manipulated into compliance through fear, threats of loss of jobs and emotional manipulation. The question is we have known Fauci was involved with the Wuhan lab why are these questions barely getting asked? Where has the real media heros gone? The truth fighters. 

As a health care provider my employer made it clear this kind of moral and ethical decision is to be between the physician and the patients. I at any other time would be 100% behind this.

This time would be the exception, because I know that fear as well as emotional manipulation has been used to get people to take an experimental drug they did not understand. When the patients had to continue to wear masks and social distance they too started asking then why did I take this shot if it changed nothing for me to be able to go shopping again.

The limited information given to patients was so sugar coated the patients really had no fear of taking this drug. For those who said no thanks I think I’ll wait I tip my hat to you. As a nurse I question lots of things and I had to really fight with myself on this experimental drug and bite my tongue.

I have researched and researched these medications. I have watched videos, looked up articles from multiple sources they all eventually come to the same conclusion, these drugs are harmful to the body and are causing worldwide deaths.

I have been told to keep my information to myself. I am not a doctor; I do not have the information that doctors have so let the doctors advise their patients. I wince at every shot given, and I refuse to administer them.

When it comes out regarding all the people who have been killed by these drugs, will the nursing profession suffer a great loss of trust and faith, we are no longer educators we are puppets doing what we are told, our voices of concerns have been silenced and those who do speak out are criticized and their jobs threatened?

Will nurses worldwide be prosecuted for giving an experimental drug to millions of people. Are we living through a worldwide genocide that nurses are complicit in carrying out? 

It has happened before: Nazi war crimes prosecutions, 26 women were sentenced to death in Germany and Austria. Defendants in West German trials included Hilde Wernicke and Helene Wieczorek, who were sentenced to death for poisoning mentally disabled patients as nurses in the Nazi euthanasia program. 


I am struggling with this as the information regarding the side effects of these shots are still being suppressed. I still have nurses literally gasp and demand to know why I am not (vaccinated).

I have medical professionals who are refusing to see patients who have not been vaccinated. Will the lawsuits that seem to be coming even matter when the damage has been done? 

I had a fairly complicated phone call with a nurse that entailed her telling me she is sorry I am so misinformed by the propaganda being put out there and that “real doctors don’t make videos” to educate people. I reassured her I have shared none of my personal beliefs with my patients as I was warned to let the doctors make these decisions.

So that’s where it stands. Now it’s too late for the patients I see regularly; they all have been vaccinated.

My problem is I feel like let them down by not defending them against getting these vaccines. I do not promote them, I do not stop them or even try to stop them and it’s hard to reconcile this when all I want is to protect them and do no harm. 

We have all seen the attacks on those who speak up even those who just say wait slow down, lets evaluate this. I just don’t know how long I cannot speak up and turn a blind eye to what is happening right in front of our faces. I don’t understand why more people are not getting together and fighting this. We need help, a leader to point us in the right direction to make a difference. Right now the only one’s winning are the ones giving the shots.

Concerned Nurse.

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