God’s back on my friends list

I know I’m in the wrong. Didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I decided one day that I am tired of living paycheck to paycheck, so I prayed to God “Please let me win the lottery”. My husband and two grandsons prayed with me. I told them God says “ask and you shall receive”. But I also told them God says “money is the root of all evil”, so if he doesn’t answer, it doesn’t mean He is not listening. It means the answer is no.

I figured that covered my bases if God didn’t grant our wish. I want my family to feel they can ask God anything they need. But it doesn’t mean I meant it. I truly expected God to grant my wish. I’m getting older and I’m tired of working so hard. But to be honest, I wouldn’t be working so hard if I stopped helping my kids and giving them my money.

Let me be clear, I KNOW God takes care of me and my spouse. No I don’t believe it; I know it; like I know what an apple tastes like or like I know the alphabet. I feel kind of bad asking for money. I just for once before my life ends wanted a house where my living room is not a bed room. Where everyone has their space to breath a minute. I wanted a small pool, a real pool not one of these plastic pools, one in the ground.  

Guess I forgot to count my blessings. The two young men sleeping in my living room are grandkids that no pool could replace or compete with. So during my pout about not winning the lottery, it came to me out of nowhere. Joel Osteen is not humbled by my words. See how he treated the people during the flooding, he closed the church doors! Would I do that? Never! What do I care about carpet that can be replaced? What car does Joel drive, does he look anywhere close to humble to you? He uses me for his own purpose. Money corrupts, while we have starving children and children being sex trafficked. Joel flashes his smile in his fancy car and just keeps going. 

Ok God I heard you. I am over being all hurt that you told me no again. Your back on my friends list. I just don’t like the gap between the have and have nots and for once I just wanted to experience the joy of having something special like the pool. But I do have something special that not everyone has, the love of my family. Isn’t that what God is about?

Desi Serda

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