Unvaxed : You’re not really Unvaxed anymore

Unvaxed, I am unvaxed. I thought by not getting the (experimental drugs labeled a vaccination), I was being the smart one. So many people jumped at the chance to get this “lifesaving experimental drug”. I guess I don’t trust that easy. I watched our government attack a man relentlessly to break him even though the American people voted him in. I watched lie after lie unfold as the so called representatives of our people did whatever they wanted and disregarded the basic needs of the hard working blue class citizens.

I researched and read everything I could while the government forced mask mandates, social distancing while instilling fear. Children torn out of schools, away from friends and family. Nursing home residents dying alone because no one was allowed into their rooms with them. Government employees placing positive Covid19 patients with the weakest and most vulnerable population. Nothing has been done. Not only did these rancid people steal out election they placed a supped up virus into the population and Fauci who was the “expert” lied making the world that much deadlier… and still nothing has been done.

Time seems to bring to light the truths the darkness tries so hard to hide. All these vaccinated people are creating spike proteins. These proteins attach to every blood vessel in your body, every vein, artery, even the heart muscle. I find they really don’t need the virus anymore this government faction has accomplished its mission. The spike proteins will be in every blood cells of the body. We the unvaxed will breathe the air of those vaccinated essentially vaccinating us without consent. Like I said they don’t need the virus we are exposed by our friend, neighbors and family members. The vaccinated people are “shedding” which means everything they touch they leave a little piece of the spike protein for you to touch and carry home with you.

The only way to really be safe is stay away from people. This means washing the packages you receive in the mail, wipe off food packages before opening, ordering and delivery with no contact. How do we survive we are social creatures? I love talking to people. 

Physical contact I cannot even imagine not being touched by a loved one, hugging a grandchild, kissing my spouse. Where does this end? 

I’m not sure where you have placed your faith and even though God currently is not on my friends list, we have to believe there’s some break in this genocide of the people coming. God said he would not ever destroy the earth again. I don’t remember people getting the exempt notice. How many has died already because of Bill Gates and his overpopulation theory. How far is this going?

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