#254 – Resistance to Medical Tyranny

Did you see the 17 year old girl who was forced to wear a plastic bag labeled EQUIPMENT COVER over her head in the Odessa, Texas Hospital?

We knew this case would take a little digging deeper. This couldn’t be. There certainly must be an explanation for this photo showing the girl with an EQUIPMENT COVER over her entire torso, while wearing a mask underneath. By the way, this young girl came in complaining of DIFFICULTY BREATHING.

When approached by a concerned citizen of Odessa, the hospital replied that it’s normal procedure and that there was an oxygen mask underneath. We all see the photo. There is no oxygen present.

We jumped at the opportunity to contact the gentleman to ask him firsthand about the experience with hospital staff and are very glad that he joined us for this podcast. His investigative skills and passion are what we all need to have in this current situation. Do the research yourself, but don’t just allow people with a title to TELL YOU how to think, act, talk or believe. We believe in freedom, not tyranny, and we’ll do anything we can to help Scott in this effort. LISTEN IN!

UPDATE : The protest in front of Odessa MCH was given police protection while patriot organizer Scott Rodrigues was able to speak with bystanders and was well received. Be sure to follow the movement started by Rodriques named #WATR which stands for We Are The Resistance. https://www.facebook.com/groups/574121500704834

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