Day 3 – Extreme Mustang Makeover at Dark Horse Training Center

January 20, 2022 – EMM Mustang Day 3 (Video): started the session by roping him off Tex again. Worked on leading and taking the rope on and off. Now that he knows I can catch him anywhere in the pen he doesn’t try to run off much anymore. I played around with the rope all over him, around his butt, and swinging it over his head. This boy has a ton of natural curiosity and that helps tremendously in his progression. He is still a little wary of me being next to him, he feels safer when I’m right in front of him and he can see me the whole time. Overall a very productive 3rd session!

EMM Mustang Day 3 (Photos): Another great session this morning! Started off using Tex to rope and pony him. Then I roped him again on foot and did some groundwork.

Took the rope on and off his neck multiple times so I think tomorrow he will be ready for the halter! He’s still not comfortable with me being next to him so we worked on that a lot this morning as well. I’m just thrilled with how easily he’s able to be caught now!

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