#504 – Truman’s Matrix; Watch The Water

A documentary by Dr. Bryan Ardis and Stew Peters, Published April 11, 2022

In early Feb 2020, Dr. Bryan Ardis’s father in law was killed in 9 days by horrific drug protocols for a diagnosis of the flu. Within a couple weeks, the first cases of COVID hit Texas. In the 3 months of grieving and frustration that followed the death of his father in law Weldon, Dr. Ardis discovered the alarming research studies on the failed and toxic drug called Remdesivir that Anthony Fauci professed to have been proven “safe an effective” against the Ebola Virus and Covid-19. Only to discover that Remdesivir was even more toxic and dangerous than the toxic antibiotic vancomycin used to destroy the kidneys of his father in law. He was on The Stew Peters show to talk about the drug Remdesivir, – about how this drug that completely failed at treating Ebola, that causes kidney failure, that costs a boatload of money, and that has a direct link to Tony Fauci – how that drug became the drug of choice in the Covid hospital protocol.

Dr. Ardis has continued to look for the full truth about Covid. In March, he called Stew. He said “I need to meet with you, in person. It’s urgent,” He didn’t want to send the information he had electronically. He said the information related to the origins of Covid-19: Where it came from, what it really is, and who is really responsible for it. He said that with the information he had, everything about Covid would come together: how they track it, how the CDC predicts “hotspots,” how people fall ill and die from it.

The way Dr. Ardis had described how he started his investigation, all the circumstances and coincidences that guided him down this path, I believe, and Brian believes, that God has helped guide him through the research process. Maybe that sounds sappy, but it shouldn’t: The battle we are fighting is spiritual as well as physical. This isn’t a fight over policy. It’s a battle between good and evil, and that means God and Satan are right at the heart of it.

Stew Peters
Photo by Nivedh P on Pexels.com

We featured the documentary on our podcast above, but you can watch it here.

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