The Robot In You

From Stew Peters:

Mat Taylor showed the world the self-assembling circuitry and videos of the self-aware “organisms” that exist in the vials of the weapons of mass destruction being called “vaccines”.

Karen Kingston brought patents that show the “spike protein” is a weapon of mass destruction, and RECEIPTS that PROVE the bioweapon shots AND the FAKE “virus” are ACTUALLY weapons of biowarfare, and contain (among other things) nanotechnology including biosynthetic parasites.

Dr. Shimon Yanowitz brought microscopic PROOF corroborating the two aforementioned interviews, PROVING that self-assembling circuitry and cloud connectivity is occurring in the vials.

And STILL – many people are saying it sounds like a “conspiracy theory”, or that it’s too “sci-fi”, and they don’t believe it.

THIS is why we are where we are.

Until the masses are willing to recognize that what they’re seeing is a massively demonic and evil, INTENTIONAL transhumanism and depopulation taking place right in the wide open, we will be exterminated, and so will our kids.

Apathy, complacency, denial, programming, brainwashing and multiple psyOps have been VERY successful, and are the EXACT reasons we are witnessing a mass murder, genocidal-level event carried out right in broad daylight.

WAKE UP! Believe your eyes and ears.

It’s real. It’s happening.

Here are the interviews I am referencing.

Mat Taylor:

Karen Kingston:

Part 1

Part 2

Dr. Shimon Yanowitz

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