‘New Media’ Options Available


First, let’s define new media vs. traditional media. Traditional media is most commonly defined as newspapers, over-the-air radio stations, and broadcast television.

New media is virtually everything online, including live streaming TV, streaming radio, podcasts, blogs, social media platforms, communications apps, on-demand video, and much more. New media is the antithesis of traditional media, but it can also be it’s best friend.

Benefits of New Media vs Traditional Media

  • Significantly greater potential reach
  • Distribution costs very limited
  • Choose from up to 40 platforms
  • Lower cost to advertiser
  • Directed, shorter, more palatable ads
  • Customers can access you worldwide

Time has shown that those traditional media companies that have embraced this new media continue on today, whereas those that did not, are dying off.

Hale Multimedia has not only witnessed this transformation, but have also played a significant role in developing many forms of new media for their clients over the past 25 years in business.

Now – After all this experience, Hale Multimedia has brought it all together to offer to the public for the first time!

Several highly influential local online businesses have joined forces to create an Empire of New Media options for those needing to get their message out to a large, highly supportive and interactive crowd of local followers.

Access to, and help with, over 40 advertising platforms for one flat monthly rate of just $50 is an absolute bargain for small businesses.

Brian Hale, Hale Multimedia/SBCO Scanner

Who are these local influencers?

1. Hale Multimedia has helped hundreds of local website and marketing clients, many of whom are followers on multiple platforms. Our clients tell us that we have helped them generate over $10,000,000 (10 Million Dollars) in revenue from their websites and advertising with us.

2. The Scotts Bluff County Scanner has become one of the fastest, most honest, and accurate news sources in the Panhandle, founded by Brian Hale of Hale Multimedia when an anonymous friend asked if a scanner signal could be broadcast online. Hale Multimedia has been the licensed provider since then, which was in September of 2009. Streaming provided by Broadcastify.

3. WyoBraska WeatherCams is the brainchild of David Park Jr., founder and developer of Nebraska Panhandle Weather Alerts And Road Conditions, a facebook group of 26,000 strong. WyoBraska WeatherCams is a network of HD Night Vision Streaming Video Cameras being placed in key locations around the region to help the public monitor both weather and traffic conditions. Hosting a WeatherCam is another premium perk for just $99 per month.

4 NATWARC – National Weather Alerts & Road Conditions, founded by David Park Jr. and Wayne Kilmer, has grown into a network of more than a dozen large weather groups in multiple states. Some of these groups contain literally dozens of trained weather spotters, as well as regular citizens that constantly report in live from the field.

5. WNeWx Storm Chasers – We have teamed up with Scotts Bluff County’s own Storm Chasers Jony Bravo and Landen Brunz to bring you their live weather coverage to supplement our coverage from Natwarc, NOAA and Nebraska Panhandle Weather Alerts and Road Conditions.

So, who benefits from this ‘New Media’?

BUSINESS OWNERS : As a small business owner, you now have countless options to advertise your business, but more importantly, you have several experienced online media experts to help guide you in a variety of ways. Maybe your business doesn’t have a website or even facebook page. We could start there. Maybe you haven’t taken the time to dive into the more than 20 other social media platforms. We know, you just don’t have time for that! We completely understand, so that’s why we finally put this service together for our friends in small business. We can help you with the above, and anything else pertaining to marketing your business online.

CUSTOMERS : Customers also benefit greatly from the convenience of finding the information on the products or services that you offer. Today’s society is certainly driven by convenience. The easier it is for the customer on their favorite platform, the better it is for the business owner hoping to be found. Customers benefit not only in convenience, but also in value. As the business owner’s advertising costs go down (it costs less to advertise online that it does in the newspaper or on tv), the price of goods and services can remain stable or be offered for less.

Let’s Get Started!

If you are a small business owner or manager that feels this would benefit your company, let’s get started today by dropping a comment below or by filling out a simple request at halemultimedia.com/contactus.php. Just make the Subject line = New Media and we’ll see you in the fast lane on the Information Superhighway!

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