SCANNER RECAP April 6, 2023

Hit and Run, Scanner Team Expansion, Scanner Gear Now Available and much more, every day on Scotts Bluff County Scanner.

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


At approximately 9:00 pm Thursday night, scanner traffic indicated a Stop and Hold order on a 2010 Ford Edge SUV for hit and run. If you have any information, please contact the police department.

Scanner Team Expanding

Scanner Gear Now Available

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Other Scanner Traffic . . .

11:28 am – Suspicious circumstance CR 19

11:52 am – Air link from RWMC to Swedish for stroke victim

11:54 am – Gering rescue 16th St, 73 yo female possible broken ankle

11:57 am – Overnight theft at Murdoch’s, they have video

1:17 pm – Non-injury accident, Walmart.

1:31 pm – Disturbance on Spring Creek Rd.

1:51 pm – Patient at ER throwing things at the nurses.

2:05 pm – Gering M St, Stagecoach Stop. Male responsive but not verbal.

2:20 pm – Warrant arrest 8th Ave.

2:23 pm – Northfield school. Student with a heart block. Heart rate 34, no patient transport

2:33 pm – In route with 48yo male found unresponsive. Not responsive after nasal narcan.

8:46 pm – Dog bite in Mitchell.

8:47 pm – E 20th 2 dogs loose.

9:01 pm – 2010 Ford Edge SUV stop and hold for hit and run.

Call 911 if you see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

9:20 pm – Prairie St. Morril PD has residents debit card.

9:26 pm – ER requesting officer to come talk to female from Cirrus House that was taken up there earlier.

10:21 pm – CR T and 18 vehicle spotlighting. Game and Parks was notified. However, it WAS indeed a rancher calving.

10:09 pm – Large amount of smoke coming from a residence on Ave H. Possibly the dryer. Not smelling any smoke at the moment. They are investigating. Requesr for Valley Ambulance canceled on scene by SB Fire.

10:57 pm – Ponderosa in Gering. Needs medical. Possible heart attack. Has already taken nitro.

2:28 am – Man lying in road, Terrytown. Upon arrival, it was a juvenile that had fallen off his skateboard and needed a ride home.

2:29 am – Requesting officers to Maverick

Let’s all be on the lookout for nighttime troublemakers and put these criminals behind bars.


If YOU are MISSING a loved one, reach out to us and we will put them on our Missing Persons pages and broadcasts.

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Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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