SCANNER RECAP April 10, 2023

Bridge Jumper, Domestic Assualt, Stolen Vehicle, NSP Foot Pursuit, Gunshots?… and more, every day on Scotts Bluff County Scanner.

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Mystery Bridge Jumper Never Found

Scanner traffic indicated a white male with a white muscle shirt, and dark shorts jumped from the river bridge on Ave I.

The Scotts Bluff County Scanner news team immediately sprung into action on the ground and in the air to help aid in this search.

Scotts Bluff County Scanner Video

An eye witness reported, “Hey I drove past the guy that was supposedly jumping off the bridge he walked from one end of the bridge to the other he was balancing himself good he got off at the end he did not jump in the water I was driving past the bridge when he was on there.”

Break-in and Assault at Lake Minatare

29 year old female called to report ex-boyfriend on the property wouldn’t leave. He reportedly kicked the door in, causing the damage shown in the photo.

As PD arrived, the subjuect had thrown a shovel at the victim, hitting her shoulder. Robert Brown, 39, of McGrew was taken into custody.

Other Scanner Traffic . . .

4:30 am – guy sleeping at the YMCA

7:04 am – State Patrol attempted to stop grey car with Oregon plates on K Street in Gering for headlight out. Wouldn’t stop, then got out and ran on L street. NSP foot pursuit by Grey Eagle apartments. Stolen vehicle recovered.

8:41 am – Gering Rescue called to 10th street, Male difficulty breathing.

9:56 am – Residential alarm 6th Ave.

11:11 am – CEO of the YMCA wants the male that has been sleeping removed.

11:21 am – 500 block East Overland male walking down middle of street in traffic

12:47 pm – East 32nd street welfare check, RP says a friend has been texting her saying she is going to hurt herself.

12:49 pm – 19th RP says his grandmother will not give him his sunglasses back.

1:20 pm – Second page for Morrill, Grass fire Henry Road and SF Road

2:31 pm – Officer requested for civil standby at the Comm Shops on 19th. They are storage units.

2:50 pm – Med command possible stroke. Scottsbluff.

3:37 pm – Rp says ex bf broke down front door. She ran out back door and ex threw shovel at her. 10-15 (see story above)

3:40 pm – male with walker walking across the RR tracks

4:53 pm – Blackstone Dr Physical 10-34 Everyone leaving

5:11 pm – 9th Ave, a passerby said a large dog attacking a child. Animal bite in ER. Two dogs were fighting, and a little girl was screaming for her dad. She was not injured. The dog bite that is in ER is a different one.

5:20 pm – Stolen 2019 Ford Ranger crew cab. 4 door. Got the Ford pulled over on M street.

5:43 pm – There’s a man that jumped into the water at the bridge, and they can’t find him. Reported. 10 77 white male, white muscle shirt, black shorts, has tattoo on arms and head. Can’t find him. (see video above)

6:21 pm – Female walking in and out of traffic as well.

6:32 pm – mva on Ave B and 24th

Let’s all be on the lookout for nighttime troublemakers and put these criminals behind bars.

8:38 pm – Two gunshots just reported going off in the area of somewhere. Did anyone hear anything?

8:45 pm – Gering rescue requested for a female who has fallen, head is bleeding, 7th street.

10:01 pm – Some type of disturbance at Kurt drive. Could hear child crying in the background.

3:03 am – suspicious male in front of Star Herald running with a flashlight

3:05 am – RC Scot Apts, male banging on several doors

3:06 am – Ave C animal complaint non stop barking dog

Call 911 if you see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.


If YOU are MISSING a loved one, reach out to us and we will put them on our Missing Persons pages and broadcasts.

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Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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