SCANNER RECAP April 18, 2023

Two Vehicle Fires, Big Dust Storm, 5 Pits Brawling, Runaway Youth Captured; this and more, every day on Scotts Bluff County Scanner.

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Timestamps indicate when our Insiders recorded the event.

Nearly Simultaneous Vehicle Fires

(GERING, Nebr.) — Two vehicle fires broke out Tuesday afternoon, as alert Scanner Insiders were on scene in both locations.

Scanner traffic indicated a vehicle fire on Avenue R in Scottsbluff, while another hyper-aware Scanner Insider spotted fire underneath an SUV in Gering near the Fire Hall.

An ADI K-9 vehicle bursts into flames shortly after an alert scanner insider notified the owner of a fire down below.

The driver, who many believe is named Buck, pulled his ADI K-9 vehicle into the Gering Civic Center parking lot after being alerted of the fire underneath.

Many were praying for Buck and his dogs, which were not with him at the time.

Gering Fire Department was on scene immediately to extinguish the blaze, captured on photo by a Scanner Insider.

The first vehicle fire broke out on Avenue R in Scottsbluff and was also extinguished immediately as shown in the scanner photo below.

Vehicle Fire, Avenue R, Tuesday, April 18, 2023

In Other Scanner Traffic

9:30 am – Medical command established for Tachycardia.

9:53 am – Minatare fire ems Ave A for a 71 yr old female.

1:19 pm – Possible overdose headed to RWMC

1:45 pm – Mom contacted Sheriff Deputy in the parking lot, saying that her daughter had run away from McDonald’s and was running south on 11th Street. They are en-route to look for her. Wearing a tie dye shirt and was last seen by the Post Office. The girl is now running from the cops. They have her in custody just west of Subway.

2:19 pm – Civil matter at Panhandle Diesel.

2:43 pm – Domestic. Male is the victim.

Sounds like there was a domestic 30 minutes ago and now he is calling in to report it. The female party has left his location.

2:58 pm – welfare check on Male lying in the grass at Hotel 21.

3:13 pm – 6th Avenue, 5 pitbulls in the yard all fighting.

3:15 pm – “What’s going on with the trains clear to guernsey?” Derailment there.

3:40 pm – Avenue R vehicle fire

3:58 pm – Kid keeps calling 911 saying his house is on fire and then hangs up.

4:17 pm – Vehicle fire in the street by the Fire Hall.

Insiders Conversation…

“It started right next to me. Poor guy ran inside and started pulling things out of the back of the truck!!”

“Wonder if he had his dogs with him?”

“No, no dogs, it was all items he was throwing out.”

“Looked like someone gave him a fire extinguisher from a bus.”

“Whew! He has beautiful rotties –
ADI K-9 Training”

“I’m glad they weren’t in there, and I’m glad he got out safely. It started so quickly!”

“It’s for service animals.”

“Yup, his name is Buck.”

“His wife is the manager of humane society, I believe.”

We are thankful for alert, helpful local citizens that constantly share news with us around the community in real time. YOU make Scotts Bluff County Scanner a great resource for honest information as it happens. Thank you, community!

4:40 pm – Heritage estates calling in a large amount of smoke or dust.

5:47 page for Mitchell FD, burn barrel fire out of control.

5:49 pm – Hwy 71 South video by Scotts Bluff County Scanner Insider, Le Ann Trompke.

5:54 pm – West of Bridgeport. Looks like alot wind in those clouds. Seems fairly calm…

5:54 pm West of Bridgeport

Then moments later… (6:07 pm)

6:07 pm nearing Bridgeport

8:08 pm – Large Bon Fire Carter Canyon off of Hwy 71. Said there are people with it, but it looks very large.

8:22 pm – Spring Creek Road male having chest pains, possible heart attack.

9:56 pm – Med command for panic attack. Valley and PD out at Humane Society, male called in stating he was having a panic attack because the train was blocking the crossings.

10:29 pm – report of Vandalism of a vehicle. Juvenile suspects going North on Ave B in a light colored silver or green CRV.

10:38 pm – man in a dark coat and flashlight claiming to be a cop saying strange things to a tattoo shop on Broadway.

11:40 pm – med command established for shortness of breath

Call 911 if you see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

Fun quotes from the Insiders

“Storm brewing,” says Ms. Numb Thumb, “I’m out by La Grange now. Terrible dirt storms,” adds Turbo.

Scanner Insiders

Message from the Scottsbluff Community Emergency Response Team

“As the coordinator for the Scotts Bluff County CERT/SAR Team, I would like to thank each and every CERT member that volunteers their time to do the job when called out. Thank you for making your CERT/SAR Team, one of the best in Nebraska, I’m proud of all you members.


If YOU are MISSING a loved one, reach out to us and we will put them on our Missing Persons pages and broadcasts.

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Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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