Facebook Monetization

Strange title? We think it is for us because we don’t even know or care about it, but…

Is there a way to monetize Facebook?

Facebook Monetization would mean people get paid for views of their content. Does this exist?

IF there is a way, we sure haven’t ever signed up for it, and never will!

We could do some more research to confirm or deny such a program, but our point remains that we have never been monetized by facebook or ANY other social media, ever.

We strongly believe monetization programs are set up to make the companies rich, not the creators. We feel that’s ripping off the creators and cheating the advertising clients.

Brian Hale

That’s NOT how OUR advertising works.

What we do have is a company called Hale Multimedia (the sole owner of the scanner project) that has been “spending our own gas”, “driving our own car”, “using our own equipment that we bought with our own money”, “using our own talents”, “our own time, blood sweat and tears” for 25 years to get to where we are now (wherever you think that is.)

With God’s help and correction the entire way, we simply figured out a way to put it all together to create a MULTIMEDIA advertising approach that includes dozens of social media platforms, news blogs, websites, podcasting networks, physical radio stations, streaming radio and a ROKU Channel of our own.

It WORKS for the client, and we CHARGE for that advertising exposure. THAT is small business ingenuity.

We are here to help the rookie marketers, but when they pick a fight with a 25 year old established Media Company who is trying to help them, the relationship is over.

We are no longer associated with WNeWx Storm Chasers and we apologize to our followers for not vetting this company more first.

Our OFFICIAL weather partner is NATWARC – Nebraska Panhandle Weather Alerts and Road Conditions.

Now, go have some cheese with that whine.

Reminder to those who think this page is somehow monetized by facebook for sharing and tagging other’s content, you are spreading misinformation.

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