#970 – Tribulation Grazin’

by RP Smith
Home Grown: Tribulation Grazin’ by R.P. Smith

The start of a new year is a good time to reminisce and also plan for the coming year. This morning the ice on the stock tanks is kinda’ thick. I’ve started my re-read in Genesis and I still have some carry-over thoughts from finishing up Revelation last year.

I realize my mind can kinda’ go some strange directions and I was wonderin’ why I had not seen any magazine or NEB guides from the University on grazin’ systems to get us through the tribulation that is thoroughly discussed in the last book of the Bible, what some call the end times.

Two subjects that hold a great deal of interest to me are the Christian faith and livestock management. I’d like to start off a brand new year with a brand new poem that combines my interests. I could call this A Grazers Guide to Tribulation Management, but I think I’ll just go with

Tribulation Grazin’

For a rancher such as me that interprets literally 
the good book our gracious Lord has provided, 
ranching through the tribulation in the book of Revelation 
would show any confidence in management short sited.
For when that seventh seal is broken before the eagle has spoken, 
all green grass of the world is consumed by fire, 
I have seen a drought or two and hail I’ve been through 
but total loss of the worlds grass would sure quench my desire, 
to expand my ranchland holding in the futures grim unfolding, 
in a place that I cannot manage through. 
Genetics and efficiency would all become a fallacy, 
with no grass there is nothing that a grazers gonna do.
Yearlings or old cows, neither enterprise allows, 
good prospects if your grass is turned to toast, 
own your own or custom graze getting though this phase 
is and option not allowed to most.
There are those I would suppose that would say CLFO’s 
might be the way to see an operation through, 
but storing seven years of feed plus all the fuel you need 
in earthquake proof storage would be mighty tuff to do.
I know I sound a bit distressing but the point I am stressing, 
no help from neighbors be they far or near. 
Protect yourself on the board, buy insurance on the sword, 
friend am I making myself clear?
When our world has flipped we need a relationship 
with the one who set the heavens in their place. 
It is within your control in this battle is for your soul, 
peace will only come through God’s own grace.
And His will would be that you change locality, 
bug out before for the carnage does begin, 
security only captured when your among Christ’s raptured, 
at the trumpets blow his followers will win, 
a heavens side seating to the great serpents defeating 
and steady work on eternal ranges, 
this promise has been made by the One our price has paid, 
trust Him and be ready for the changes.
RP Smith

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