Local Cheerleaders Named All-American

3-2-1… Aloha Gering Nebraska!

By Brian K. Hale
Scanner News and More

GERING, Nebraska — Aloha? Who’s in Hawaii?

Everyone knows the Hawaiian greeting of Aloha!

Four Gering High Cheerleaders, Aaralyn Urwin, Ella Muhr, Ella Thomas, and Jayden Adams, will be saying aloha when they land in Hawaii as All American Cheerleaders.

The girls tried out and were selected to represent their high school at the 2022 Varsity Spirit Pearl Harbor Memorial Day parade in Honolulu Hawaii by performing in the parade on Wednesday, with other All American cheerleaders from around the country. Visit the GHS 2022-2023 Cheer Squad facebook page to see updates shared by Mari Blanco. Way to represent Bulldog Pride!

Congratulations to Aaralyn Urwin, Ella Muhr, Ella Thomas, and Jayden Adams!

All-American Cheerleaders from Gering High School

On behalf of Scotts Bluff County Scanner, Scanner News, and all sports fans in the valley with a heart for cheerleaders, thank you for your hard work, ladies! Also, thank you to those who support our students in all they do in the various extra-curricular activities. The Cheer squad works hard on their strength and timing, just like any other athlete, so your recognition and support is important to them and their parents and fans.

ALOHA and GOOD LUCK in Hawaii! We’ll be following you… well, not literally.

Be safe and enjoy the big island!

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