The Promise

I never paid much attention to politics. I honestly didn’t care who ran the world, it didn’t really affect me. I was busy living like the rest of the world. Obama was interesting to watch. Handsome man great smile but something was missing. If you watched you could see he didn’t respect the flag, refused to place his hands on his heart. It was concerning. I didn’t vote, didn’t feel anyone up there truly represented our home town values.

Then came Trump. I heard Donald Trump was running for president. I honestly thought it was a trick or a joke. I watched exactly half of one episode of his tv program and thought ugh he is so arrogant. I hated him. So interest peaked and I decided to watch what was happening in this election. Hillary I knew of, of course since her husband like young interns on their knees in the white house. I really didn’t like Hillary’s personality. If Trump was arrogant she was condescending. Hillary’s snide comments and looks were a real turn off. She was fake but the bitterness is what shined through to me. Ok just my opinion but I think if Hillary had left her cheating husband and showed what a strong woman will and will not stand for she would have had a better chance at winning the election. Bill Clinton represents the weakness of a man who thinks he can do what he wants with who he wants and he was untouchable. Hillary by staying with him reaffirmed that attitude. He really paid no price for his behavior.

Then came Trump: When Donald Trump stood on that debate platform and stated “if it was anyone else had white washed 33,000 emails they would be in prison”, I was like Oh I like that, a man who states the truth. That very day I saw Donald Trump in a different light and I wanted to watch to see what else he did. I voted for Donald Trump. The last four years have been a rude awakening for someone who didn’t care about politics. Donald Trump has been attacked since even before inauguration. It left a person confused as to why. Everyone (Hillary included) spoke highly of Trump until he ran for president what the heck was going on. Donald Trump has done an amazing job with the economy, increased jobs…and now we have a stolen election.

I believe Donald Trump won the election. I do not believe Sidney Powell or Mike Lindell would put their careers on the line if there was not something going on that we are not privy to. We think we know; we get fed small nibbles to keep us vested in fighting for our freedom. I truly believe the fight is about good vs evil then worldly concerns. So how do you balance the fight against good vs evil and daily life and having a vaccine pushed on you that really no one can say is truly safe (worldly concerns).

Start a podcast like Brian and Andi Hale. Work at getting the truth out to the public. You have to be very careful what you put out there because honestly there are people who really support biden/harris. This support is concerning because these values they are attempting to force on the United States are not the values people want for their children. Nebraska has become a gun sanctuary, Thank God. Nebraska has also declined to take in children illegally brought across the border again thank God!

I had a registered nurse tell me “if you love your family you will get the vaccine”. Why would you need emotional blackmail to promote a vaccine? She told me the United States should take in all these children and help them. When I asked her when is enough, enough? She had no reply. When I asked her why would Sidney Powell or Mike Lindell put their careers on the line against voter fraud if there was none? She stated “money”, it’s all for the money. Seems to me getting personally attacked and treated like lunatics wouldn’t be worth it if it is just for money.

The rest of the story: has yet to be written. We will continue to battle good vs evil. I will continue to talk with people and do whatever I can to find the truth behind all the lies being promoted today. Stay strong bow your head, offer thanks for being awoke. Walk in the truth and fight like hell for justice to be swift and righteous. Stand your ground. Remember the promise that God gave us, who shall believe shall have everlasting life. We are fighting evil; we are God’s soldiers.

I will say I handled the conversation with the registered nurse badly. I know her she is smart and very intelligent. I got mad. It really made me angry that she is so narrow minded that she cannot see something more is going on in this world. I’ll do better next time….maybe lol at least I will try to. She went so far as to tell me if I got covid and died she would not be sad because I was stupid and didn’t protect myself. I just replied let’s give it a year see where we are at then. There are two wars going on as far as I can see. One is good vs evil the other is the vaccinated vs unvaccinated. I am reading and hearing that the vaccinated are creating their own unique diseases inside their bodies with these un-tested vaccines that is going to put those unvaccinated at a higher risk for getting unique diseases. We are in uncharted waters here.

God Bless ~ Desi Serda

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