Reverse Psychology by Desi Serda

A white police officer shoots and kills a black girl while attempting to stab another black girl and LeBron James thinks he is sick of all the killing of black people by white cops. I am sure the victim in this case doesn’t give two hoots if the cop was green or blue, he saved her life.

Did LeBron want the cop to let the girl stab the other girl and just let it happen? Let’s put race aside for a moment. In what scenario would any cop let this happen regardless of male, female, white or black?

What are the implications of LeBron’s statements that only black cops can shoot a black person? Statistically speaking black on black crime is already higher than any other race. Given LeBron’s racial comments in the past I am not surprised that he totally missed that the police officer saved a young black woman’s life. All he saw or acknowledged was a black woman dying by the hands of a white officer.

Here is the psychology of the matter, you are damned if you save a woman but you are damned if you have to kill a woman to save a woman. What if this police officer hesitated and the victim died because an officer didn’t act swift enough? Who wins in that scenario? What if the officer saw two black ladies instead of an aggressor and a victim and decided he didn’t want to get involved because he is going to be attacked and persecuted no matter what stand he took?

Let’s jump to Joy Behar and her racial comments. Joy thinks the officer should have shot her in the thigh or in the butt. Does Joy think that all black woman has bubble butts or thunder thighs? What if he missed and shot the victim instead? Then the officer would have been beat to death for being a bad shot and the victim would have been shot as well as stabbed. I find Joys comments as well as LeBron’s to be ludicrous. I have to wonder who educated these people, what planet do they live on?

My take on this is well done, Mr. Officer. This officer did his Job. He defended a woman against an attacker. Color and race had no bearing in this scenario he acted like an officer should, he protected a vulnerable person who would be dead if he hadn’t stepped up to answer the duty he gave an oath to uphold.

God says we are all created equal. Equal justice for all. This officer did exactly what he needed to do. Anyone who disputes this needs to step up and show a better way.

Unfortunately, we can’t stop the crimes with love. Apparently words aren’t too potent either, especially when anger is involved. I am sad that a woman died. I am happy that a woman lived because someone came to her defense. Not all officers are racist or bad. Not all woman are sugar and spice. Woman can be the aggressor too.

LeBron James caricature. (DonkeyHotey)

I think LeBron should stick with his crybaby ways on the basketball court and leave the police to do their job. And Joy Behar, honestly I just wish God would reach out and smack some sense into this insane person. I wanted to say parasite, but I didn’t want to offend anybody in the parasite family and be called a racist because I picked parasites out of thin air. LOL.

Desi Serda

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