Common Sense is Priceless

Overweight? High blood pressure? High blood sugar? Belly fat? Lack of energy? Sick every time something is going around? Chronic illnesses?

All these are caused by a bad diet. Maybe that isn’t all that is wrong but you can’t fix any of it without changing what you eat. Doctors prescribing drugs cannot fix a bad diet. If your car had a flat tire the answer is not a tune-up.

If you think about it your body is the most highly tuned advanced system in the world. Doctors can only tinker with the controls so when we have a problem we need to ask what is the root of the problem. We know excess sugar is bad but carbohydrates turn into blood sugar. We get bad advice from the government advising us to eat lots of carbohydrates.

It’s not complicated, cut out sugar and carbs (eat proteins and some fats), and get regular exercise for 15-20 minutes a day. Your body will respond to what it was designed to eat, it’s just that simple.

by Jeff Blaha

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