#132 – Missing Persons June 18 2021

LIVE WEEK 125 June 2, 2023 Digging Deeper with Brian Hale

WEEK 125 LIVE Vaccine War Headlines vol 66BluffTalk – Scanner UpdateUgly Truth of Gender CrisisFaith Matters – Two WitnessesWelcome to another edition of Digging Deeper with Brian Hale.Brought to you by Hale Multimedia, website and mobile app development for over 25 years.That's Hale Multimedia.com.Now listen in and join me online, diggingdeeper.us.We're about ready to go live here.Alright, let's go over here to Facebook.Make sure we're live on the Facebook.Hit the go live there.Alright, we're live on Facebook.We're live on Roku.Just search for Digging Deeper TV.If you wanna watch it that way, we're live on DiggingDeeperTV.com.And we are Andi and Brian Hale, and we're excited for week number.How many?125 weeks.125.We usually have about four segments, four segments on each show.And that means at least 600 episodes, and we know we're way beyond 700 and some.It is just crazy, but welcome to tonight's show.This is Digging Deeper Live with Andi and Brian Hale.And we did this on a whim two years ago, two and a half years ago,because we were just tired of all the lies.Lies, lies, lies.And there's a song in there.I know there is Empire of Lies, right?Yeah.We are sick and tired of it, so we started our own show to tell the truth about as many mistruths as we could possibly straighten out.Yep.And tonight it is week number 125, and we have our regular lineup, but always something different.Segment number one.Vaccine war headlines, volume 66.Yeah.And then Bluff Talk, or Scanner Talk, mostly today, we're just going to take a short segment there to update you on the new direction that we're taking at Scott's Bluff County Scanner.Right.And number three.The ugly truth of the gender crisis.And it is a crisis for sure.Definitely.So that will just, that was going to be a long segment, so we'll just talk about that when we get there.Yeah.We'll cross that bridge when we get there.That's right.And segment number three in about one hour from now, or less, actually.And then we have segment number four.Our favorite really, it seems to be the easiest one.We know the material really well.Mm-hmm.We enjoy doing it.We like doing the book reviews.We love the scripture.We love teaching others and learning ourselves about faith.And so it's faith matters.And tonight, again, it's in the book of signs.Mm-hmm.By Dr. David Jeremiah, 31 undeniable prophecies of the apocalypse.Apocalypse?What are you talking about?Into the world kind of stuff?Kind of.Well, a friend of mine posted on Facebook tonight that he didn't really understand the book ofRevelation, but he does understand one thing for sure.And that is where we can end up.Right.We have a choice.Everything is a choice right now.That's right.So anyway, we're going to get into that more in that segment.Tonight's chapter is called Two Witnesses.Yeah.We must be talking about the Two at the Wall.Two Witnesses at the Wall, yes.All right.Well, we're going to have that for you tonight on the four segments.And what are we going to go to next then?My darling.First day it up.There's vaccine war headlines.Okay.Do we have any sponsors in here that we could talk about?Did you get any ads in there?Load it tonight?No, I did not.Oh, that's okay.All right.So I know we have them in there, but that's okay.We'll talk about RNC welding.RNC welding.com.That's R.C.welding.com.They've been in business since the 80s.I think it is.Well, in the 80s.It's been a while.They've been doing this stuff forever.Building bridges in the community and all kinds of other trucking,transportation, welding, a lot of different things there.Just check them out.R.C.welding.com.And of course, one of our very first sponsors overall was KendallHenderson.Yes.Kendall Henderson, agency, Inc.The American Family Insurance Agent.Kendall understands that if you want to be in the community for along time, you build those relationships by saying yes to theadvertisers.When we come around, he knows he needs to be out there in front ofthe people and he says yes.Now, that doesn't mean go bombard him because he's got his ownagent for that as well.But he does say yes to good opportunities and he saw this inthe beginning.He was a sponsor back in 2009 and again more recently in 2022.We sure do appreciate him.Yep, absolutely.And of course, then we have Michael Soundsleeper over at AST,Alarm Security Technicians.And they are a great, great family business and a friend of oursand he's a professional.He does some great work, has great equipment and it's never thecheapest solution, which is interesting to me.But it isn't Mike Vise for Quality over cheap.Right.And he stands behind what he sells and installs.So I like what he does there at AST.And of course, Skip Jenny.Skip Jenny, our friend in the cattle business.I want to thank you Skip for what you do in the cattle businessand in the community with 4-H and FFA and everything else you'reinvolved in at the county fair out on your land with landmanagement and livestock.And then he also sells some of that good home grown beef.He sure does.When it comes around in season.I think he might be sold out right now, but you can alwaysgive Thomas Skip Jenny a call out there at the Vista TrainedGellvey Ranch or at Jenny Powerline Angus.He's managing both of those.Yep.Those are our sponsors, our headline sponsors on theScottsville County scanner.We consider them worthy of our praise as we present them assponsors of our podcast because we will be talking about thescanner tonight.We also have our overall scanner or excuse me, overallsponsor for the podcast.Yes.And it makes you happy.Yes.Who are we talking about?Our happy toy maker in Happy Texas.That's right.Jerry Sims, our happy toy maker made out a real steel, realrubber and those toys are not your little pocket truck.It's going to.They're made to last.Yes. Like the ones we had in the 70s.All right.Okay.So we're going to be back.Yeah.No, wait.That was our message.We are.We're back.We're back from our commercial break now and it's time for vaccine war headlines.
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