#132 – Missing Persons June 18 2021

Hope Still Lives Here; Day 2 Digging Deeper with Brian Hale

See people the way Jesus sees themSociety tends to lean towards a default of hopelessness. You only need to read a few newsfeeds and see story after story pushing the heaviness of a world void of hope.As Jesus followers, sometimes we can adopt a default of hopelessness. However that is not what we are called to do. We are called to to speak hope to the hopeless and to bring life to the lifeless.We need to be intentional about changing our defaults from hopeless to the hope-filled, from accepting what those around us are doing, to accepting what God says about those around us.We can learn the art of changing our default from Jesus, He was an expert at turning defaults on their heads. Check out His encounter with the ‘women at the well’ in John 4. She was known by all in the city as a promiscuous woman who jumped from man to man. People kept their distance from her, but Jesus, rather than turning a blind eye to her and keeping His distance, He intentionally engaged. In turn, He not only impacted her life but also transformed the entire city! Simply because He chose to look past her life choices and see her as a person. He didn't see her as hopeless, He saw her as valuable.We are called to bring hope. To do that we need to be able to see people the way Jesus sees them. Let’s be people who are intentional about seeing our families, friends, and workmates transformed. Because you are connected to and learning from the master of default changing, Jesus!
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