Scanner Community Comes Through Again

We have always believed in the community we serve. There are so many good stories that come from the amazing people in western Nebraska… no, there is no but this time. I really mean it… Well, there are a few rotten eggs rollin’ around town, but this isn’t the time to address that.

Right now I want to talk about the Scotts Bluff County Scanner fans and listeners! Our small group of volunteers that operate the scanner signal and social media presence feel blessed to have the respect and support of the community we serve. We say that because we have witnessed several things over the years, but two points stand out clearly to me.

  • Our FOLLOWERS are THE BEST. Over the years, our followers on facebook have learned that we prefer to refrain from negative comments, and any kind of speculation that could cause panic or send the wrong message. We have had to do VERY LITTLE moderating in the past 13 years of operation, including our original page that began in 2009. Our comments on our very popular facebook page continue to stay positive and supportive of each other and the community we all love. Invite others to check it out and they will see how well Joann Paramo does to keep the community together and safe through the accurate and timely information she shares as our primary Facebook Media Manager.

  • Our SUPPORTERS are THE BEST. Anytime we have needed new equipment, the community continues to come through with donations to support our effort together at the Scotts Bluff County Scanner!

We will provide a list of all donors in the near future. For now, I just want to personally thank Jerry Gardner from Scottsbluff who recently made a donation to cover the replacement broadcast pc that we were needing to get the signal back up and running!

If anyone needs Jerry’s services, he’s a certified Apple technician. Please give him a call or stop by his store and tell him thanks for supporting the scanner!

We also received some significant donations for the new SCANNER UNIT that Kenny Smith needed as our Broadcast Manager. The old scanner unit had a loud hum and did not have the range that our new model has. I listened to several other scanners around the country and our scanner signal is among the absolute cleanest signals now! That is what the original donations did for the Scotts Bluff County Scanner community. A HUGE thank you to those of you who donated to that cause.

Also, don’t forget that we have a small, but growing merchandise store that helps get the word out to everyone that you are a supporter by wearing the gear. If you have ideas for merchandise, join our team and let’s put some things together! Andi Hale handles our merch store for now, until we find a new merchandising manager. Call if interested 940-224-6315.

It’s all available on

In case you are wondering, the picture of the ancient computer-looking thing is in reference to how old our broadcast pc was getting. Not really, our broadcast pc was about a 2014 model maybe. The one pictured above is from 1979 and my school had the only one in town. Interestingly, I originally started on that machine (Radio Shack’s Tandy TRS-80), but immediately snubbed it for the Apple. Little history; My first computer came from Harlan Troup who owned the original Apple store in Gering, next to what is now a gas station.

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