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Tomorrow is National Fentynl Awareness Day

A new scanner is being ordered to improve our signal to the public. Thank you to Siegfried Consulting LLC for their generous donation.


NOW through Saturday May 13th

The National Association of Letter Carriers of Scottsbluff invites you to participate in a community wide food drive for our local food banks!

Monica Ream Branch 1836 Vice President Krista Holstein Branch Secretary

You can be a part of this by simply dropping off bags of non-perishable food items to the Scottsbluff or Gering post office or leave the bags near your mailbox Saturday May 13th until 4:30 pm.

Please feel free to communicate with your carrier if you have any questions.

Over Scanner Traffic . . .

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  • 6:33 am – Mitchell EMS needed on CR 12 one of the Fire Fighters found elderly woman walking and disoriented. The Firefighter is taking her to the station because they doesn’t know where she lives. Law enforcement enroute
  • 7:55 am – E 17th st Scottsbluff command, 47 y/o male hurt ankle couldn’t walk on it. RC Scot. Taken by ambulance to RWMC ER.
  • 8:33 am – 3 storage units on mst have been broken into. I think they said west side storage on m st
  • 8:58 am – Male wearing all black walking in circles and waving his arms, by the old skills games place in Terrytown. There was a male last evening at Walmart similar situation as the individual in Terrytown. I dont think they found him, they just classified it as a suspicious person and went back to work.
  • 9:21 am – Gering EMS needed CR 24 60 year old male cancer patient making suicidal comments. Deputy enroute as well
  • 9:37 am – valley establishing med command for a stroke but no address
  • 10:22 am – E 11th St loose pit bull, rp scared to get out of car
  • 10:22 am – possible fraud
  • 10:26 am – 10th Ave alarm at back door going off key holder has not been contacted
  • 10:33 am – McCafrey park 2 kids ages around 2 and 3 unattended as parents are asleep in a Subaru, 15th street
  • 11:10 am – Eric L calling in cuz Ashley L stole his car last night. Worried about her welfare
  • 11:25 am – East 20th and 1st Ave 10-44.
  • 11:26 am – Female at chuch on 4th and 20th who is mentally stressed.
  • 11:28 am – Gering fd rescue needed 20th female trouble breathing
  • 11:52 am – Flyover Brewery Male confused. Don’t think he can walk home.
  • 12:05 pm – Vistor at ER left purse in bathroom and it has been stolen.
  • 12:45 pm – juvenile other at Roosevelt
  • 12:50 pm – Out on Spruce drive. Code compliance
  • 1:03 pm – Didn’t catch location but BNSF needs cops to go to a location where a farmer is trying to move a rail with a John Deer Tractor.
  • 1:12 pm – Juvenile male enroute CAPSTONE from middle school
  • 1:27 pm – Enroute to Lincoln Heights with HHS for child abuse intake.
  • 1:38 pm – Lobby of Hampton Inn. Welfare check in lobby. Customer had checked out but is just sitting there, doesn’t seem right. Just got out of the hospital yesterday.

Follow up – We saw that a woman died in that Sidney accident on Friday. Truck driver arrested for vehicular homicide.

  • 3:05 pm – 5 Rocks Road fire visible by pd. They are burning ditches.
  • 3:29 pm – Minatare Fire second page to a bridge on fire on the tri state but didnt hear exact location
  • 3:33 pm – 11th Ave wife threw coffee on husband. Medical enroute.
  • 3:37 pm – Mintare EMS needed on Derfy Road 70 year old female trouble breathing. May have passed out
  • 4:04 pm – Female at the ring down wants to speak with officer about an incident last weekend that involved her, alcohol, and unwanted touching.
  • 5:08 pm – loud stereo complaint
  • 5:09 pm – trespassing in progress. Rp thinks 2 people snuck in the garage of an abandoned house

They are still having trouble pulling up plate records

  • 5:21 pm – report of assault at Walmart. The description was a heavy set Latino with kahki pants and a white shirt. He just slapped a girl’s arm. They searched sonic and Insider James told us the description. Police said it’s that same male on E Overland who walks around with his genitals hanging out.
  • 6:07 pm – Male laying on sidewalk by Arbys. Bicycle nearby not sure if it a medical thing.
  • 6:13 pm – East 7th they want a male that is using 10-40 to be removed!
  • Individual pushing the mower and trying to ride the bike. That didn’t work out so well. You should have seen how shocked he was when the ambulance showed up. I called communication and requested help for that male on the bike, at one point he was laying on the sidewalk. Said he was dizzy and sobbing.
  • 6:27 pm – Larry S intoxicated and very 10-30 screaming about how blocking the sidewalk is not violating the neighbors rights
  • 6:28 pm – verbal disturbance at dollar tree. The store policy is you cant play with the toys and they were and the cashier asked them to stop and thats when the verbal disturbance started. They are not leaving until law enforcement gets there they said. Misunderstanding on both parties at dollar tree everything good now
  • 6:39 pm – Female laying in yard 7th street Gering appears to be intoxicated Taking her to hospital
  • 8:05 pm – Water main broke at Oregon Trail Park
  • 8:06 pm – Now the guy from the coffee spill incident this afternoon is intoxicated and urinated on female’s floor.
  • 8:07 pm – 1400 block of 12th Ave causing a disturbance again.
  • 8:13 pm – East O watering hole male pulled a knife on cashier. In a silver tahoe. Male with sharp gotee, North bound on 5th. Male individual with a gotee , grey sweatshirt and a packers cap.
  • 8:40 pm – East 26 street, located vehicle unocccupied
  • 8:57 pm – 12th ave injured stray dog
  • 9:00 pm – suspicious activity Ave C possible 10-40 sale
  • 9:19 pm – Taking male 10-15 from knife incident.
  • 9:25 pm – Car in road way just north of the jail on 7th street. They are switching tires. Scottsbluff PD wanted Gering to know
  • 9:33 pm – 6th street female 911 stating her son agitated. She took a knife away from him earlier.
  • 10:02 pm – Sirens and lights at top speeds, 2 cop cars. Large disturbance, 1500 block of East 17th Street, Harmony apartments physical disturbance involving multiple parties
  • 11:50 pm – 18 yo female suicidal, lacerations on arms, headed to ER

Also, only a small percentage of traffic is actually recorded below. Timestamps are approximately when our team reported hearing it. All traffic is fluid and subject to correction at any time. Traffic should not be considered fact until investigations are completed.

If YOU are MISSING a loved one, reach out to us, and we will put them on our Missing Persons pages and broadcasts. We have 24 years working with youth.

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Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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