SCANNER RECAP May 12, 2023

Chadron Active Shooter, Bank Robber on the Loose, Armed Eaters at DQ, Runaway Found, Sumo Wrestler Accident, Food Drive Ends, Mother’s Day Reminder and more every day on Scotts Bluff County Scanner.

Chadron ‘Active Shooter’ Incident

The following is the post from Alliance Police Department just before midnight Friday.

🚨 Update: Active Gunman Apprehended with Combined Efforts 🚨

We’re relieved to announce that the active gunman has been successfully taken into custody by the dedicated officers of the Chadron Police Department, with the invaluable assistance of numerous law enforcement agencies from across the panhandle region, including our own Alliance Police Department.

In a display of remarkable collaboration and teamwork, our officers joined forces with Chadron PD, providing four fully equipped officers and deploying our state-of-the-art Tactical Response Team Vehicle (TRTV). Together, we worked tirelessly to ensure a peaceful resolution to this highly dangerous situation.

We commend the professionalism, courage, and dedication exhibited by all the officers involved in this joint operation. Their unwavering commitment to protecting our community is truly commendable, and we are grateful for their service.

It is through these partnerships and the support of our community that we can effectively combat crime and maintain the safety and security of Alliance. We encourage you to remain vigilant, report any suspicious activity, and work together to create a safer environment for everyone.

The armed robbery suspect is still not in custody and on the run.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Bank Robber Sought

Chadron Nebraska Bank Robber

The Chadron Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance identifying this unknown male, who was involved in an armed bank robbery in town. He is considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached. If you recognize him or see him anywhere in town, please contact the police department at 308-432-0510

Listen to the conversations yourself via any app, courtesy of Hale Multimedia

A new scanner is being ordered to improve our signal to the public. Thank you to Siegfried Consulting LLC for their generous donation.

Food Drive Ends Saturday

You can be a part of this by simply dropping off bags of non-perishable food items to the Scottsbluff or Gering post office or leave the bags near your mailbox Saturday May 13th until 4:30 pm.

Over Scanner Traffic . . .

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

7:35 am – non-injury accident 10th and U

Road Washouts

Scanner Insider Julia Rundell reported lots of water in dry draws in Banner County when she submitted the following photo early Friday morning.

Photo by Julia Rundell for Scotts Bluff County Scanner, May 12, 2023.

Eye-Witness Reports

Pumpkin creek is running and getting ready to go over the road.

Raining pretty heavy in Chadron, lots of water on the road on the way up from Bluffs. Could get to be an issue.

Chadron High School just lost power from what I am hearing from Chadron hospital staff.

Chadron Power Outage

12:13 pm -Valley requesting Gering EMS for a lift assist at the Vista

2:02 pm – Probation requesting officers for positive drug test needed transport to jail

2:04 pm – male in a BMW headed southbound on road weaving in and out of traffic, on the phone.

Mother’s Day deliveries through Saturday!

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2:17 pm – one male on board enroute to county jail

4:10 pm – Suspicious circumstance

4:06 pm – Valley enroute with a fall and vomiting.

4:14 pm – Valley enroute with female who was doing the sumo wrestler and fell backwards and hit her head. I think she was at planet bounce.

6:15 pm – Male with Rifle sitting at base of hill south of Chadron campus.

6:15 pm – suspect name is known, originally from Bayard

6:16 pm – Asking for additional back up

6:18 pm – asking if anyone has tried to contact suspect?

6:19 pm – Lost visual of suspect over the hills

6:21 pm – 2 marked units headed to back of hill. Still no visual contact with suspect.

6:23 pm – Lost visual of suspect, headed towards ag building.

Report of individual shooting 3 rounds in air

6:44 pm – Alliance PD advising community to be vigilant

6:44 pm – Drone up in the air.

6:45 pm – needing certified night flight pilot to respond to area

6:48 pm – now requesting K9 unit to respond

7:30 pm – looking for something, Planet Bounce

7:40 pm – male & female in DQ eating. Male has a machete and open carry weapon, female has a knife as well. PD asked if they are doing anything else, dispatch answered no. 10-8

8:21 pm – vehicle on fire CR F and South Mitchell

9:05 pm – non-injury accident Auto zone Dodge Dakota vs a Mustang

9:12 pm -Hwy 96, male walking in lane of traffic between CR 10-11

10:07 pm – arrest in chadron.

10:51 pm – Driving under suspension.

10:53 pm – Avenue X, Ex is outside her window, she has a protexion order.

2:31 am – responding to apartments on 2nd Ave, male and female fighting, female advised she’s about to jump out of the window.

2:33 am – female at ring down

2:41 am – one female enroute to hospital, one male 10-15 enroute to jail

Only a small percentage of traffic is actually recorded. Timestamps are approximately when our team remembered hearing it. All traffic is fluid and subject to correction at any time. Traffic should not be considered news until investigations are completed.

If YOU are MISSING a loved one, reach out to us, and we will put them on our Missing Persons pages and broadcasts. We have 24 years working with youth.

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Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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