SCANNER RECAP May 13, 2023

Hot Rods on Broadway, Bank Robber Still on the Loose, Call for Unresponsive, Throat Laceration, Assault, Runaways, Fire Alarms and more every day on Scotts Bluff County Scanner.

Bank Robber Sought

Chadron Nebraska Bank Robber

The Chadron Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance identifying this unknown male, who was involved in an armed bank robbery in town. He is considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached. If you recognize him or see him anywhere in town, please contact the police department at 308-432-0510

Missing Runaway Juvenile Located

Ways to Listen

Listen to the conversations yourself via any police scanner app, courtesy of Hale Multimedia. We recommend Broadcastify, but there are dozens of others.

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Over Scanner Traffic . . .

Timestamps are approximately when our team remembered hearing it.

All traffic is fluid and subject to correction at any time.

A new scanner is being ordered to improve our signal to the public. Thank you to Siegfried Consulting LLC for their generous donation.

Traffic should not be considered news until further information is confirmed.

Scanner Traffic = exactly what they say over their radios with dispatch and each other.

Not sure what happened but they are directing traffic outside of Target on the highway. I don’t see her accident or anything though.

Scanner Traffic indicated police communicating about what intersection each one of them would cover.

11:26 am – known male trespassing East Overland Dollar General. On trespass log.

All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

3:02 pm – Sage St approx 18 year old in a vehicle with throat slit. Police on scene, EMS enroute.

3:13 pmjust heard another call from dispatch about another female slumped over the wheel, possible child inside vehicle as well. Valley en route. Badly Bent Bar

Let’s take a break from that to say Happy Mother’s Day from Scottsbluff Main Street Market!

We appreciate all our patrons. Happy Mother’s Day from Scottsbluff Main Street Market!

3:16 pm – Terrytown comand for unresponsive female, but female is fine.

She stated she pulled into the bar parking lot when she ran out of gas.

3:17 pm – Terrytown canceled. Back in service.

THIS is an example of how important it is to KNOW the DIFFERENCE between Scanner Traffic and News Reporting.

The caller THOUGHT the female was unresponsive and reported it, so it goes over the scanner. That does not make it true. It is SCANNER TRAFFIC prompting further investigation.

More times than not, the initial report is not true at all. Please – DO NOT blame us for your inability to recognize the difference.

Ford pickup seen broken down on Avenue I and Hwy 26 in Scottsbluff on Saturday. Photo sent in by the owner of the truck.

3:20 pm – Valley enroute from Gering with Sage St female.

3:24 pm – Found very old small brown dog long hair. Anyone missing a little brown dog? pleaded the policeman. Silence… 😦 Doggie enroute to PHS.

5:08 pm – rp not at home. Male with bronco hoodie broke window. 6th street Gering. Deputy enroute, Gering units busy.

Just came out of the skating rink lots of sirens

5:19 pm – 21-AR35. 2005 Ford. Stop and hold. Trespass.

5:29 pm – Assault at Bowl Arena

Any word about the ambulance on west 40th st?

50 year old female with diabetic issues transported to the hospital, W 40th

7:25 pm – L street. Male possible heart attack

7:32 pm – Avenue F Scottsbluff juvenile runaway

10:08 pm – Fire Alarm call at the Federal Credit Union in Morrill – alarm going off indicating smoke and fire. Webster. Contacting alarm company now. Confusion on exact address.

10:17 pm – Noise complaint, loud engines revving near 23rd and Broadway. Police say they’re being good, but for some reason there are several muscle cars on the drag route tonight. Not revving, just naturally loud.

We followed this call for nearly an hour, and nothing could be located. Alarm company had wrong address in database, and crews could not find any apparent sign of the smoke and fire that was reported.

12:11 am – medical command for male unresponsive

12:12 am – male up and talking, intoxicated

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Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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