SCANNER RECAP Sunday May 21, 2023

Semi Fire on I-80, Shocking Church Post, Theft, Assault, Fraud, Abuse, Animal Complaints, Accidents, Arrests, New Summer Hours, Less Traffic overnight… and more every day on Scotts Bluff County Scanner.

Suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

How to Listen Live!

Listen to the conversations yourself via any police scanner app, courtesy of Hale Multimedia. We recommend Broadcastify, but there are dozens of others.

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Breaking NSP News from Sunday

Westbound I-80 closed near mm 143 for cleanup. Semi burned to the ground!

Link to original share here.

Church Post Found Shocking

In a bit of a surprise, the response to the request for local church listings that we posted on Sunday morning right as churches were opening up, was fantastic. What a blessing to know that when we said there were hurting people that needed God, the community stepped up big time!

Please add your church and service times to the comments. People are hurting and need God. Please welcome them to your fellowship.

We will compile a list for the community and post it each Sunday. It will supplement our long list of local community services we’ve researched thus far, which will also be published next week.

Yoshi’s New Summer Hours

Meanwhile, stop in for a sweet treat!

Over Scanner Traffic . . .

Timestamps are approximately when our team remembered hearing it.

All traffic is fluid and subject to correction at any time.

A new scanner is being ordered to improve our signal to the public. Thank you to Siegfried Consulting LLC for their generous donation.

Traffic should not be considered news until further information is confirmed.

Scanner Traffic = the words that they say over their radios with dispatch and each other.

  • 11:42 am – theft on 7th Ave.
  • 2:22 pm – 7th ave, want to report an assault that happened a lil bit ago.
  • 3:01 pm – East O medical command for chest pains
  • 3:04 pm – Gering EMS R street 87 yo elderly male weak n pain all over
  • 4:38 pm – RC Scott Apts. male been downstairs pacing for last hour. Think he’s on 10-40
  • 5:59 pm – 10-44 @ 20th n Broadway (pic) 6:04 pm – Essential Fuels on East O, customer trying to use a stolen credit card Dad sent identification n said it was ok for son to use credit card.
  • 6:39 pm – shoplifter at wal-mart. Bag full of items currently on foot by Taco Johns
  • 6:44 pm – verbal disturbance behind 26 Terry Blvd. Someone is harassing his wife
  • 6:52 pm – Requesting10-89 on Hwy 71 for open 911 Husband’s phone was calling 911 while he was in the field! No emergency!
Panhandle Coop in Scottsbluff is having an Anniversary Celebration on June 2nd & 3rd!

  • 6:53 pm – east 10th runaway Juvenile Ethan Rivas? Cut off his ankle monitor. I believe that was the last name? Anyone else hear
  • 7:48 pm – physical disturbace lee ann lane. Juvenile hitting his mom
  • 8:35 pm – 911 call from shift leader at McDonald’s wants female removed and trespassed
  • 8:45 pm – white escalade Texas Plates shooting paint balls at other cars. Hit RP in face. West bound on Hwy 26 by Target.
  • 8:47 pm -grey BMW driving eratic on East 26th. Currently parked but RP still wants to talk about it.
  • 8:53 pm- 10-77 with Escalade going to essential fuels to speak with RP
  • 8:58 pm – med command Scottsbluff for diabetic issues

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Every Friday 8 – 10 PM

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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